February 24, 2014

Vintage Sunsuit In the Shop

I realized that I put photos up on Instagram of this little guy, but didn't do a blog post on it.  I really loved making this because of all the hand work on it. Ever since I was small I loved doing needle work by hand. I love embroidery, but haven't had a lot of time recently to do it, so this was fun to make because it included a little bit of it and some applique.  The sun suit is in the shop now, ready for spring summer! The main navy blue fabric is cotton linen blend, with the lighter blue being linen. The red and white fabric is a reproduction fabric, to give it that vintage vibe.  I used natural shell buttons for the closures and straps. I think it is Unisex, but like I have mentioned before, some of the feedback that I get for boys clothes worries me that most moms of boys wouldn't buy this for their son. I would, but that is me.   The vintage pattern of this shows a little boy wearing it in the same color combination, so I wonder if way back when, they didn't have all the hang ups with dressing their boys in fun creative looks that seems to be prevalent today.  When considering the boy clothing I'm making, I'm really trying to think about wear and tear, and I think linen is a good tough choice, because it sure can take a beating and still look beautiful. Currently I'm working on a romper that is gingham linen and I love how it looks both washed or pressed. This one is almost complete and will be up soon.

Super duper sunny out today as I type this! Had my lunch out on the patio and listened to all the birdies chirping away, and the sun actually got a bit too hot on my legs! Wednesday the rain returns I hear, and I couldn't be more happy about this, since they are predicting two strong storms. Hope it pulls us out of the severe drought category.
Well, back to the studio to finish up some sewing.

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