April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

This year Easter has been low key at our house, but still celebrated. I love this little statue that I bought a while back at our church. It is from Bethlehem and hand carved out of olive wood, it always gives me a peaceful feeling when I look at it.
We went to Easter Vigil last night, and it was such a pretty service. This mass includes the confirmation candidates, and they always do such a beautiful ceremony for it. When I was confirmed in the Catholic church, way back when, you did it in eighth grade. Now they do it in high school, which I think is much better, since you are a bit more mature.  We have been going to the vigil instead of Easter morning mass since the girls got older. On Easter morning, I'm cooking breakfast or preparing for our big Easter dinner, and it is so hard to fit it all in. I heard someone at church last night say, "It's Easter in the Vatican right now, so it counts." I thought that was pretty funny!
Because the house is upside down we decided this year to have dinner out to not put stress on anyone.

Speaking of the move, we have decided to take the "Mad Men" era house, and we will be moving on May 2nd. I was pleased that they did about 90% of what I wanted them to fix, one being the crazy mural on the wall! Thank the stars above, the landlord came to her senses and agreed to paint over it. They also painted all the doors that were yucky 60's honey colored brown, all in white. The ugly sliding glass door, and front door were replaced, and according to the property manager, that went to take a look the other day, said it looked really nice. She sent pictures of one of rooms that was getting new flooring, I think it is the kitchen. I like the choice they made so this is good too. Now the only eyesores left are the lights in the hallway and the light in the mater bath, and of course the over all dated aspect of the two bathrooms. I found this blog though and lost myself for a few hours, looking at old bathrooms from mid-century homes, and how some people actually covet their pink bathrooms! There is an actual facebook page that is called, "Save the Pink Bathroom."(If you want a laugh, or you happen to love pink dated bathrooms, click on the links) I was going to yank the knobs off the cabinets and replace them with something modern, but after I spent some time on those sites, I kind of think I will leave them and work with the retro aspect of them. I'm just really happy that the house wasn't built in the 70's, or I would be dealing with harvest gold, or avocado green, but even those are coming back in vouge, yikes! If the landlord doesn't replace the hideous lighting  in the master bath, which by the way is not from the 60's, that will be one of the first things we change out. I'm hoping that she at least changes the ugly track lighting that looks like lighting from a TV studio. It will be nice having 4 bedrooms too, something I did not plan on. The price is really good too which helps soften some of the other not so fantastic things, like I mentioned in my last post. I hope you come back and look at the photos I plan to take of this house. I will try and take some when it is empty so you can see the bones of it, and then slowly post rooms as they become finished. So come join me for some fun and games with moving into yet another mid-century California ranch house!

Happy Easter again, to all those who celebrate it!!!


  1. Beautiful statue! And Happy Easter to you and your family. I'm so glad you found a house. I look forward to seeing photos!

    1. I'm going to try my best to document the move and the evolution of the new place. I always love reading when other bloggers do this. I hope I don't get swept up too much that I forget to snap photos!