April 29, 2014

Our New Place

This is our new place as of May 2nd! The owners did a lot of work to it from when I last saw it! Very much appreciated, and now I'm not apprehensive about moving anymore, and I can see this will be a nice place to be for a while. The pictures loaded really odd, so bare with me in the order, I'll describe each photo. It wouldn't let me load more photos of the back yard which is quite a site to behold with all the different fruit trees and roses. Perhaps in another post. The front door was changed thank goodness and the mail slot to the right will be replaced as well. 
 This is the main bathroom, that I was at first terrified of, and in my minds eye, I thought I remembered the tile having pink in it, but I was mistaken. All of it is white! Yay! The old taps polished up really, really nice, so they are retro cool now. I'm keeping the 60's knobs on the cabinets, because I think they work. See the door at the very end? That goes out to the back yard, hahaha. Facing the sinks is an enormous amount of closet space for linens and things.

This is the family room, and the only carpet in the house, yay for that! It is new, and a speckled color that actually works well with the new flooring in the kitchen they put in. What was really nice was they extended the flooring under the little bar area, so you could put stools there.

 The slider is brand spanking new! So there is a huge bank of windows on that wall including the slider.
 They were still cleaning up the kitchen today, but everything will be clean on Friday they said.
 Granite counter tops in the kitchen. I'm going to change out the knobs later to give it a more spiffy look.
 This pink sink is in the master bath, and now that they cleaned, painted and put a new toilet in the bathroom, it is a thousand times better!!! I no longer fear either bathroom, and actually like them now.
 Cool old taps in the master bath
 They painted all the ugly doors white, which makes it so fresh and bright now! They also changed the ugly dated 80's in a bad way, track lighting to something more current.
 Another shot of the main bathroom.
This was the only flooring from the sixties that they left in, and at first I was not happy when we walked in the door to see this, because they said they were going to change them, but while I looked at them for a while, and pictured them all polished I think they work with the rug and floor, and I have a nice carpet to put cover most of it.
This is the living room and dinning area. That far wall had the hideous mural, and now it is gone!
This is the other side of the "pass through" fire place in the living room.

This concludes my tour for the moment. I will be off for a bit while I get things hooked up and fixed up, so check back for more. If I have time tomorrow, I might do the yard pictures before I totally disappear!  


  1. The house looks really cute!! It's much brighter than I imagined it. Every house in FL has a bathroom with a door into the backyard; its a pool bath, so nobody walks through the house dripping wet :) I can't wait to see how you style your new abode.

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to wonder if this house maybe had a pool at one time and they perhaps filled it in? A friend of ours did that.

  2. I love the space Elizabeth! You are going to have a good time playing around, getting settled and making it your home. Best of luck. xoxo

  3. It's a really great house with nice curb appeal! I love the kitchen, and all the light is really great! Yay! I am excited for you. I can't wait to see it all decorated!

  4. Thanks for the tour (I love a good nosey!) and great to hear you're feeling much happier about the property. Hope you'll post more pictures once you're in and settled.

    1. I sure will. Right now it is box heaven and things not where they should be, but hopefully very soon, I will have some after pics.