June 9, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Just finished putting the finishing touches on the two pinafores that I mentioned in my last post. They are in the shop and ready to ship!
This fabric is really pretty and vibrant, and for being from the 1930's, it is in remarkably good shape. I lined it with a white cotton linen blend. I love this little classic design, because I think it can be worn as a little dress with bloomers, or used as a pinafore over a simple dress or top.

I could barely eek these out today with the yucky heat spell we have been having. I have the AC on with a fan in my studio and it is pretty nice in there, but the minute I leave that room and walk around to do anything else, I start to feel hot! I'm not good with extreme hot weather at all. I get whiny and grouchy. Luckily they said that the temps would go down by 10 or more degrees tomorrow. Please God let this be true. I don't know about you but soon as it is extremely hot, I start to worry about things like AC breaking down, cars overheating and fires! I'm constantly waiting for some horrible heat related incident to happen at any moment hahaha. Today I texted Caitlin and asked her what the weather was like in San Francisco. She said it was foggy and really cold, so she was going to make soup for dinner! I texted back and told her that if I made soup tonight, I would surely parish!! If I had any energy, I would have hoped the train and gone into the city to hang out with her, but then again, I would have to get in the hot car to go to the train station. I'm sitting here waiting for my dear husband to come home, so we can get dinner somewhere, because there is no way I'm cooking in the gross heat, and I don't feel like a salad.
I will be working on some cute Liberty pieces tomorrow if the heat doesn't kill me today!!


  1. Be glad you don't live on the east coast, especially the south. It is sooooooo miserably hot and humid here from mid May through September. I have to say that I really hate our summer weather. Our dew points are in the high sixties and seventies which is tropically humid with 95 degree heat on top of it. The minute you walk outside you are instantly sweating, and we have thunderstorms almost every day, and that actually makes it feel worse. Thanks for letting me vent about our weather! I keep telling my husband that we are moving to the Pacific Northwest some day where it never really gets too hot or humid. I hope you are staying cool today!

    1. I really shouldn't complain too much, since it is dry heat here, and I swore I would not complain after living in France during one of their worst heat waves ever, back in 2003! It was humid and zero AC anywhere. We were all pacing around the house like lions in a cage, and drinking liters of water! Our heat spell broke today thankfully, and now I'm a happy lady once again!