July 17, 2014

England Part 1

Hello! I'm back from my trip to England and Germany. We left on July 2nd and flew into Heathrow with our final destination being Oxford. We stayed about two miles out of the main city in a little village called Wolvercote. Lots of beautiful lush surroundings and many, many cute little houses with gardens most of us can only dream about! We walked to a couple dinner spots in the little village, and all the images above were from those walks. They got uploaded a bit out of the order that I wanted, but blogger, as I have griped before, always messes it up. The very top photo is of one of the dinner spots that we enjoyed called the Trout Inn, but fondly called "The Trout" by locals. This spot is quite historical you can read about it here. I like that it was mentioned in my favorite book from Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited." We ended up eating dinner there two of the nights and the food was quite good. The sixth picture down of an interior shot, is a different pub that we had our first dinner in, and it too was quite good and very quaint inside. We had the lovely strawberry Eaton mess dessert  there. England has such lovely strawberries! It rained a lot in the first few nights when we got there, and I was sure hoping that by the time the weekend rolled around it would be better weather, as Nicole was coming to spend a couple nights with us. We were so lucky with our hotel room too. For the most part, rooms in England are quite small, and when we got there we were given a very small room and if I could show you how tiny the door was, you would think it was the entrance to a broom closet! After one night in that room, many problems cropped up and they decided to give us a different one. When I opened the door to the new room, which by the way had a normal sized door, it was huge! We had talked to the receptionist earlier about adding a bed to our room when we first arrived, and she said that our room was too small, and none of the family sized rooms were available. Guess she was wrong, because that is what we got upgraded to, complete with a chair that made out into a twin. Basically we snuck Nicole in, Hahaha! They would have charged us 40 pounds per night for her, which would be roughly $68 dollars on top of the already pricey amount for the room. They never figured it out lucky for us.  Tomorrow I'll share all the Oxford pictures. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some already, and I will try not to duplicate them.  Come back for part Two of our England adventure.


  1. Your photos are so lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I am glad you were upgraded to a better room! Feel free to share as many photos of England as you would like... I love them and dream of visiting there some day!

    1. Thanks Julia! There will be plenty more to come :)