June 28, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Lazy hot Saturday, leads to randomly taking some shots in the house and deciding if I should go in my studio to finish the little top pictured. Seems like I start to move around the house and I get too hot. It is about 82 right now, and I think I should give up and turn the AC on. Have I mentioned already that I'm not fond of summer and heat? Yeah, I think about a million times!!!!!
Yesterday, while exploring my front yard, I noticed that there were gardenia bushes out there. The first one I found was close to the cottage dwellers side, and I was sad that there wasn't one on my side, until I noticed that yes indeed, there was a bush mixed in there with the millions of citrus trees. Joy! I do love the scent of gardenias. Oh, and to my allergies, I say too darn bad. Aren't they just so elegant?
I'm loving the shadows that my curtains make in the family room. The breeze coming through the screen door makes for a magical shadow play on my floor every afternoon. The other night while having dinner, these little flower shadows were cast on David's neck. I was staring and smiling at him while he was talking to me, and he finally said, "what?" Well dear, there are tiny little shadow flowers all over your neck :)  The tiniest things amuse me these days.
Today is Nicole's birthday. 29 years ago we became a family when this enchanting little being entered our lives. It was probably the most beautiful summer day when we drove to the hospital. We lived way up north in the land of the redwood trees and she was born in a tiny town, very close to where a gorgeous river spills out into the sea. Such a beautiful area full of wild magic, and oh so fitting for Nicole to have been born there, for she is our wild and magical child. I got to skype with her today, and it seemed like she had a nice day. I truly wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday dear Nicole!


  1. I've been hearing about your hot weather from Adam. We had such lovely gardenias when we lived in La Jolla. Here, they don't survive the winters.


  2. I brought in the last of the peony buds...we've had some hot days here and they would never survive otherwise. I am sneezing as I type. xo

  3. How lovely to have a gardenia flowers. Happy Birthday Nicole.