July 22, 2014

Hans-Gerd and Marion Get Married! Germany Part 1

This post is mainly for my memory of our dear friends Hans-Gerd and Marion's wedding, that we were fortunate to be able to attend. In Germany and I believe most of Europe, the civil ceremony is the "official" wedding. The couple has the option of then having a separate church wedding if desired. The church wedding alone, like here in the US would not count. We have known Hans-Gerd for 20+ years through David's work, but as years passed a very nice friendship formed. When he would come to the US on business, we would have him to dinner and my girls loved when he came. The referred to him as "the cool German guy." He has two daughters close in age to ours, so we always had stories to share and much in common. The fourth photo is of the happy groom with his daughters. Aren't they pretty?! It was the very first time I got to meet them. The handsome tall boys that are in the third photo down, are Marion's sons. They have got to be close to 7 feet tall! Hans-Gerd is about 6 foot tall, so you can get an idea of their height!!! Very nice guys and to see them all as a family unit was so special. They are one of those families that you want to hang out with because they are so genuine and kind. We first met Marion last September while they came to California on vacation, and we all had so much fun together we hated to see it end! When we found out that they were going to tie the knot, we had to figure out a way to go to Germany! As luck would have it, David had to travel to Munich for work in the same week of the wedding!! We are so happy that we got to be a part of their day, it was so sweet and we couldn't be happier for this wonderful family.   After the ceremony, we walked behind this beautiful building and had some proseco and snacks. Later in the evening we went to the reception which went into the wee hours of the morning! Those guys know how to party, hahaha.  The next day, they drove off to Italy for their honeymoon, and let us stay in their cool flat for the rest of our stay in Munich.   We hope to see them state side next summer!

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