July 25, 2014

Germany Part 2 Museum Day!

If you don't like museums, you best be on your way hahah.  Anyone who knows me, knows museums are a true passion of mine. I studied museum and gallery display in college, and at one time really wanted to pursue this as a career. I could spend hours in them, and I'm lucky that my entire family adores them as well. My girls were babies in my arms when they first started going to them, and I can happily say that now they too find them as fascinating as I do, as well as important to visit. I feel that when you go to a foreign country, your first attraction should be to visit a museum. It tells volumes of the culture. The most fascinating thing that I found while going to countless museums in Europe and staring at all the portraits especially, is that the locals still very much look the same! Living in the United States, you don't really get to see this, since we are all a mixture of cultures.
I also enjoying seeing just how each country runs their museums. Some countries are quite laid back  with their antiquities and some aren't. I found this the case in France and I was surprised that in one of the museums in Munich, which housed the above "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh, was spotty in their security. They were on top of it for people to not take any back packs in, but laid back while a hoard of Chinese tourists posed with said Van Gogh and leaned against the frame! I will never understand why people feel the need to have their photo taken by the painting! Take a picture of the painting and enjoy it later, why must you have your cheesy self right by it? Anyway...... I decided to snap a few highlights and up close details of paintings that really struck me. I have way more than this but chose some real beauties to put on here. Don't you just love the up close shots of the Van Gogh paintings. One is of the Sunflowers and the other is of a field in France that he painted.  The second to the last picture is of Albrecht Durer. I remember studying this painting in my Art History class and thinking it had such presence and soul to it. So happy I got to see it in person, since he is one of my favorite German painters.
We went to Four museums that day, and lucky for us they were all in one square block and not overly huge.  The other bonus was the fact that we went on a Sunday and only paid one Euro apiece for each museum.
My next will be of the old part of Munich, then I think the next post will be on our friends cool flat, along with some fun neighborhood shots.  Come back if you aren't already too bored with my vacation pictures :)


  1. Thank you. What great photos . I enjoy your travel photos and narrative very much.

    Park City, UT