July 26, 2014

In and Around Munich Germany Part 3

Are you tired of my travel photos yet? As you can see Munich kind of stole my heart and I could not get enough of all the sites and interesting goings on.  We started out this day at a Beer Garden with the most delicious food! Of course those pictures uploaded towards the end of this post, even though I tried to get them on the top! Anyway, it was such a wonderful experience and the particular spot we went to was the very oldest in Munich, which made it even more cool! Oh those pretzels......I could have eaten the entire basket by myself! The rotisserie chicken melted in your mouth like butter, and the German potato salad was such a great accompaniment with its lovely vinegar dressing. Of course we cannot forget the beer! I'm not a drinker but I do enjoy an occasional beer or spirit now and then, and when you are in Germany, it would be an insult to not drink a little beer no? After lunch we went into the main center of Munich "Zentrum" and wandered around with no real agenda, just looking and taking it all in. David has been to Munich many times on business, so it wasn't new to him, but for me it was all simply amazing and I loved the vibe of this city and the nice people that we encountered. My first experience of Germany was back in 2004, when we were living in France and took a holiday to the black forest area. It really wasn't long enough to really "get" the culture. This trip really made me look at the German culture more realistic and from my experience, I can honestly say, I love Germany and really want to go explore more, maybe Berlin next time.  
We saw some funny things, like that guy that was basically passed out from drinking way too much and possibly experiencing heat related issues. Shortly after I snapped that photo of him, his friends tried to wake him up with no luck! It was kind of scary there for a minute, because they had to slap him. Then while wandering around I kept noticing that random German people were wearing the traditional clothing that I have shown above in many forms. Some looked like they were just shopping for the day, so it wasn't like there was a festival or anything they were a part of. So, for anyone who reads this that is German, is this normal? We didn't get a chance to ask our friends this question, since they went off on their honeymoon the day after the wedding.
The shops were a delight to brows through, and of course my favorite was the toy store, where I purchased a Steiff bear. Look how cute their toys are!!! My husband said if he were little again and had a choice, he would want to be a kid in Germany. I think I would have to agree!
The final part of my trip I will be showing the surrounding area of where our friends live and a small peek of their flat.  I love where they live, and now when I think about them, I can picture their day to day life and its surroundings!  Come back for the final installment  :)


  1. In some parts of Germany/Bavaria and Austria, especially in the countryside those dresses (Dirndl) get worn on an everyday basis or as sunday clothes e.g. for church. They actually evolved from work/everyday clothes which is why they have an apron. for modern versions check out Lena Hoschek, more traditional but in a very good way try Tostmann Trachten

    1. I did notice many "taste" levels of the garment. I guess I was surprised to see people wearing a garment that looks more of a national dress you would wear only on special occasions etc. Very cool! It was really neat to see people wearing them around Munich :)