July 31, 2014

Germany Part 4

Here is a little peek into our friends beautiful flat in Munich. They were so kind to let us stay there after they left for their honeymoon. If apartments and flats looked like this in our area, I would chuck everything in a second and downsize to fit into this lovely space. Everything is thoughtfully laid out and efficient. I love how they decorated it as well, and it really reflects their personalities. The building was built in 1910.  I loved, loved the stairs! The old wood steps have that wonderful sound to them when you walk up them. You can just imagine all the history and the people that would have walked up and down those steps.
While living in Europe, it was always so fun for me to see how architecture changed as you crossed borders into other countries, or within the country itself, because of many influences from other cultures.  I really also loved how light filled it was and the two balconies that it had on both ends. Their neighborhood is really nice and quiet, and you would never know you were in a bigger city.
Many thanks again for letting us stay there Hans-Gerd and Marion, can't wait until we get together again!

On another note....It is hotter than hades over here and my energy level is very low. I can't seem to motivate to finish anything for the shop, because I start to move around and get so hot and annoyed, even though the AC is on! Every summer it's like this for me, no matter how I try and gear up for it. If and when we get a break in the heat, I sure hope I can get some more things done, because it's making me a bit sad to keep walking by my work space with no motivation to go in there to work!
It's hot the minute I get up, so it isn't even like you can start early and get things done before it gets hot!  Anyone else out there hating the dog days of summer? Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in my loathing of summer :(   Hope you enjoyed a virtual trip to Germany!

Stay cool, if you are in the heat, and if you are living in a cool spot...lucky you!


  1. That is one adorable apartment! I could move right in. It's filled with so much wonderful light, and I adore the little balcony!
    The heat and humidity are awful here. I just got off the phone with mom complaining about our weather. The heat doesn't bother me so much if it's a dry heat, but I do prefer the cooler weather. It's the humidity that really gets to me. It's tropically humid here in the Southeast most of the Spring, all Summer, and into early Fall, and freezing cold all Winter. So we only have a few days in the Spring and Fall that you can comfortably be outside. I seriously think we will be living in the Pacific Northwest some day! Try to stay cool!

    1. Yeah, their flat was really nice and light filled! Our friend also put in a door with glass panes off of the main room so that light from the back of the flat shines through when the door is closed. Loved our time there!