August 11, 2014

Back From the Summer Daze

Hello all!  The rest of July flew by after our return from Europe, and I'm feeling the dog days of summer in the worst way. Heat always kills me and now we enter into August, which I'm sure will show no mercy with the temps.
Enough about the weather though! Lots still going on, like the little birdie up on top. Quincy passed away on the 1st of August. Always so hard and sad to see a little living creature die. Enter Riki! He is already proving to be quite charming and talkative. I actually got him to get on my finger today, which is one step closer for me to release him from his cage to roam. I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Even though it is hot out, the leaves are showing me that fall is around the corner. We have a gazebo out back with grapes, and lucky for us, they are delicious and ready to enjoy right now. The persimmons are going to be beautiful when they ripen and I will have to dig out some recipes for them. My mother in law gave me her persimmon pudding recipe, that she use to make for Christmas. I may give that a try when they are ripe.
This past weekend we helped move Caitlin and Cyrous to their new apartment. They will be much closer to the school now which is good, and I'm loving their new neighborhood. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a pic I posted of the area. Caitlin will finish her last year of college this school year, and I'm sure she is more than ready to move on from University life!
I'll be working on some little linen mice, like the one pictured above(with clothes of course) for the holidays. I'll announce when they will be in the shop as usual. The liberty top that I started before I left for Europe, is finally done, and will be for sale either today or tomorrow.  It's a cooler day today, so I'm off to work in the studio.    Didn't want too much time to slip by without a new blog post :)


  1. We're seeing signs of autumn here too. Bring it on!

    1. The lighting is so fall like, it's making me happy, even though it is slightly still too hot for me.