August 21, 2014

The Light is Changing

 I can feel fall every time I open up my studio window.Leaves are starting to turn, which seems a bit early, but I'm not going to complain. Not too exciting around these parts, and it shows for lack of photos on my post, hahahah. I've been holed up at home cutting capes and little linen mice this past week. I'm trying to get some of them in the shop in time for the holiday season. Last year, the capes did well for Halloween, and even Christmas, so I'm starting on those first before some fall/winter apparel. I just bought THE most darling new fabric for lining some of the capes,and I can't wait  to show you! Think retro vintage Little Red Riding Hood :) I'm waiting to receive it in the mail before I make anymore capes.

I think I mentioned before that there are quince trees out back didn't I? Well, they are right outside our bedroom window and they are covered in fruit. Anyone have any good recipes for them? I do know that they have to be cooked first, but besides quince jelly or preserves, I'm looking for something savory maybe to make with them. Maybe a trip over to Pinterest might be in order hahah. Speaking of recipes, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the blueberry cake I made not long ago. We loved it so much I made another one last weekend! Go over to Smitten Kitchen and check it out, you will not be disappointed! Love that blog so much I put the cookbook of it on my wish list, and Caitlin and Cyrous gifted it to me. I really want to make more of the things in that book! Sometimes you get stuck going to the tried and true books that you love, but I really need to crack this one open and make some feasts from it. Right around now I start to get my cooking mojo back and start thinking about all the wonderful fall treats that lie ahead. Good bye summer, I won't miss you at all.
Up date on Riki bird.....I have him almost finger trained, and I think he might be ready to come out of his cage to explore. This always makes me a bit nervous, but he is a lively little guy and I don't want him to be stuck in his cage, and not have a fun life of adventure. Wish me luck, because I MIGHT take him out this weekend.


  1. Love that picture of the open window. There's a definite whiff of autumn in the air here, too. I don't think I've eaten quince and will be interested to see what you make with yours. We also need to shake up our menus, it's all a bit same old, same old. Must get the recipe books out of the cupboard!

  2. I can definitely tell the light is changing here too, but not the weather. We are still mostly hot and muggy. I am looking forward to fall and the cooler weather, and really spending time in the kitchen and cooking. Fall and Winter are my very favorite time of year to cook. I love making homemade bread, soups, and yummy stews. I am really getting tired of salads and meat/fish on the grill almost every night.