August 29, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I've talked a lot about the back yard and all its bounty, so I decided to go out there and snap a few more picks of it as it is now in its golden beauty. While most are relishing in summer gardens, this yard seems to be at its best right now, and in the coming months. All the citrus bushes and trees on this property, of which there are many, all have fruit dangling off of them. Soon I might have to open up my own little citrus market! The pomegranate tree doesn't have  a lot of fruit unfortunately, I was spoiled with the tree that was at the other property, which after I went back to see not too long ago, was cut down :( the other property we had a persimmon tree also, but a different variety. I love the ones that are above, because of the bright orange and how they look like ornaments hanging once the leaves drop. The other tree out back that I LOVE is the olive tree! Isn't it gorgeous in all its silver leafed beauty?! It's probably what is giving me allergies, but oh well. The yard really does have a Mediterranean/California feel to it.

I managed to make a fig tart last weekend with some of the figs and it was very tasty and not too sweet. The recipe is here. The figs baked into a wonderful jammy consistency and it went really well with tea.
Finally got my fabric yesterday for more capes! Isn't it the cutest?! I will be making one 2/3 size and one 4/5 size and get them in the shop soon. I see a lot of activity on my Etsy for the capes that  I have in the shop now, so I have a feeling they might be sold soon for the holidays! Yay! I love making them.
Hope everyone has a delightful labor day weekend. We rarely do anything and just hang out at home and hibernate.


  1. You are fortunate to have all this yummy goodness in your backyard! The fig tart looks amazing! What kind of tea do you serve it with? Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

    1. I made a pot of mint tea, but I think that any tea would taste wonderful with it. Coffee would overpower it I think because there is more Almond meal than flour. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!