September 24, 2014

Our Trip to Pennsylvania Part 1

 Washington sat in this very chair! Pretty impressive I must say.

 Actual inkwell used in signing the declaration of independence

Last Wednesday we took a flight out to the east coast to visit my dad and stepmother. We cooked together, ate too much and did some sightseeing to places I have never seen, like Independence Hall, and the Liberty bell. So exciting to see this in person, and humbling when you are standing in the very building where they signed the declaration of independence.  Our tour guide was a character, but quite knowledgeable. She really made the history of the place come to life. For a west coast person, it's always impressive to see older buildings and to hear about all the amazing history that is attached to many of them. Walking around the town my dad lives in there are many building of historical significance. Just a block or two away from his house is a home that Washington held prisoners in for instance.  After we toured Independence Hall, we went to The Barnes Foundation, which is a museum that houses Albert C. Barnes collection of art. Quite a history on this man and his collection. Not long ago we watched  this documentary called "The Art of the Steal." It was quite fascinating and I just had to see this museum in person after watching it. I didn't know you were not suppose to take photos in the museum, but I managed to snap a few before I was caught. I'm always very respectful to not take photos if it isn't allowed, but there was no information to say not to. They need clear signage or have the ticket person indicate it is not allowed. You always feel like a naughty child when you are caught! The collection of art is hung very unusual, and the reason for this is because it use to be in another building that Albert C. Barnes had the collection and he had a vision how he wanted it displayed. They duplicated it in this new space. Its a very long and convoluted story, so if you love museums and a bit of intrigue, go check out the documentary.  Tomorrow, I'll add the photos of this museum. I will also have some fun pictures of my dad and stepmother's cool old house and brand-new kitchen! So check back tomorrow :) I also went to visit the home of N.C. Wyeth and I'll do a separate post on that, since it deserves its own.


  1. Terrific photos! Thank you for the tour.
    Park City, UT