September 26, 2014

Pennsylvania Part 2

 Get ready for an explosion of the coolest vintage kitchen wears! Eye candy times 20!

The first few pictures are of the Barnes Foundation museum. These are the four pictures that I managed to get before I got in trouble hahaha.  You can see how unusual the display is at least. The documentary that I mentioned and linked in my last post, is really worth a watch if you love art and museums. The collection was mainly Renoir, Cezanne, with an occasional Van Gough and other notable artists like El Greco. The walls had a really cool burlap wall treatment, that highlighted the metal work and made it very warm and inviting. It was like being in someones home looking at their art collection.  I could spend hours in a museum, I think that is why I'm a member to all the big ones in San Francisco, so that I can go there over and over again and visit my favorite paintings.  My dad is an artist, and we have fun going to museums when ever we are together.
The following day we hung out at my dad's house and then had lunch in a charming town near by called Lambertville. It is know for all it's antique stores, which we wandered around in. The next day we ended up in Hopewell New Jersey at the "Tomato Factory." OMG I could not get enough of this vendors collection. It was impressive, beautiful, dust free for how much was in there and just pure eye candy. The woman,who was the shop keeper, laughed when she heard me say, "I really want to be this guy's friend." She wrote his name on the back of a card (Fritz Karch), and it wasn't until I just now googled this guys name, as I type this post, that I discovered who he is!!! Check this video out! Of course I would love his collection. I can always spot quality! I'm so glad now that I bought something from his stall! Now if I want something from here, I can ask my step-mom to look for me :)
The weather was so beautiful the day we walked around my dads town, and I snapped a few photos near his home. I can't say it enough....I LOVE all the old homes on the east coast! Everything in my town is too new :(  Tomorrow I'll do my Wyeth post, so come check it out.

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