November 1, 2014

Hello November, but First Some Halloween Memories

I was so excited to celebrate Halloween this year in this neighbor hood, because like I mentioned in my previous posts, my prior residence was too rural and had no sidewalks. I made the front porch as inviting as I could, bought the candy, and then waited, and waited. Only 8 kids came to the door. I had talked to the neighbor across the street a few weeks ago, and asked them how many kids usually come to the door. They said last year there were about 30 or so. Well, I don't know where they went this year, because they certainly were not roaming around my street. Don't know if the rain put a damper on things or what, but it wasn't really raining by the time it was time to go trick or treating, so we don't know what the deal was. Now we have a huge bowl of candy that we shouldn't be eating! Caitlin and Cyrous came to celebrate and see the kids, but it turned out that we ended up just carving the pumpkins and hanging out, which wasn't bad at all.  Later in the evening, while I wasn't looking, Cyrous sneaked out of the house and did a Halloween trick on me. I think it was meant to scare Caitlin and me, but Caitlin saw him leave. He rang the door bell, and when I opened it there was no one there. I glanced over to the side planter, and there sat a person crouched in the flower planter, near that white rat in the above photo, with a green poncho, and black fabric over their face breathing hard. It unnerved me and I wasn't sure what to do, so I laid a candy bar on the "person's" lap. Caitlin finally said "Stop, you are creeping us out," and the figure just walked off......then suddenly Cryous re-appeared, and pretended it wasn't him. Hahahah. He had me there, until Caitlin broke, so that was a good one!
We did have fun lighting a million candles in the house, and having a cozy dinner of chili and cornbread followed by ginger cake and pumpkin ice cream.
Today we are lazy and lounging around the house, and slowly putting away all the Halloween decor away. I always have a hard time getting rid of the pumpkins, especially when they turned out so cute. Can't believe we are now in the month of November! My favorite month flew by in a whirl of red cape making.  I was also remembering last year when we visited Nicole In London and celebrated Halloween there, that seemed so long ago yet not. As much as I loved our visit last year, I'm glad we were here this year for Halloween, since no other country does Halloween like we do!
Hope everyone had a fun filled evening and no sugar hang overs! Now to start planning Thanksgiving!


  1. I can't believe that you put a chocolate bar on his lap! I would have turned quick and been in the house!! lol We had a quiet night here too...only here it was snow not rain! xo

  2. Ugh. I commented and blogger ate it. I think you were brave to lay a candy bar on that, "creatures," lap. I would have high tailed it back inside...if I had dared step outside at all. Your house looks warm, inviting and beautiful. How fun to get to share the evening with family. It was rainy and cold here, and very few kids were out. We are outside the city on a steep hill; nobody trick or treats out this way.

  3. You are brave - I would have screamed and slammed the door at the sight of a creepy trick or treater! Your house looks so warm and cozy with all the candles. And your Halloween dinner looks yummy. I would love to know more about the pumpkin ice cream. Did you make it or buy it? I really cannot believe it's the 2nd of November, and time to start thinking about Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday. I just love all the yummy food!