November 10, 2014

Colors of November

When I think of November, I think of golden trees and the start of beautiful winter light that is plentiful in our area. Even thought the weather is still topsy turvy over here, as in still too warm for me, I'm choosing to look at all the beauty of the colors and the impending holidays that I love. This weekend I made use of the persimmons in our backyard and made some cookies from this recipe. Isn't the color of the pulp mind-blowing? I used no filter or editing of these photos! The cookies came out really yummy. If you like soft cake like cookies, these will make you very happy.
I finally finished the Liberty dress, and it is up now for sale in the shop. I think this week I will be making more of the little hats to fill out the shop for the holidays, and also I'm still trying to get the clothes made for a couple of the linen toy mice.  As usual life keeps pulling me away from working on these. I always have such grand plans to make at least 6 or so of these little mice, and fall short of time. They are quite time consuming, and I tip my hat to those who only make these types of soft toys full time. I find myself wanting to make more clothing instead and get side tracked very easily away from completing these little guys. If I'm really lucky, perhaps I will at least get these two finished.
We had a lovely dinner with Cyrous' parents this weekend. Nice to catch up with them and share wonderful food. Our weekend was filled with cooking, baking and favorite kind of weekend.
Starting to plan for Thanksgiving, and eagerly awaiting my new food processor, which is back ordered from Williams Sonoma. I sure hope it gets here in time for Thanksgiving cooking! Seems like there is a huge demand for these, and they sell out often. I geek out over kitchen appliances and couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday money. I'll do a post on it when it arrives :)
Off now to try and get some work done on this bright and beautiful November day!

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  1. It was a beautiful November day here, as well! I seem to love Autumn more and more each year. I adore the Liberty of London dress... it's simply precious. You are wonderfully talented. Your weekend sounds just perfect to me. I prefer to spend most weekends cooking and baking in the kitchen, and it's always nice when family and friends are included. I hope your new food processor arrives in time for Thanksgiving!