December 15, 2014

Holidays Around These Parts

Wow, Its the middle of December already?! I still have one foot back in Thanksgiving land! I like to go into the city at least once during the holidays, and usually I don't do very much shopping since that is just too stressful. I go in to enjoy the ambiance, decorations and lights for the most part. We happened to have had our 6 mo.  dental appointment last week, so it was fun to wander around Union Square after our appointments. We made a point of visiting the Williams Sonoma flagship store, because it just wouldn't be Christmas time without doing that, and snacking on the peppermint bark that they hand to you at the door!  It was also the evening before the massive storm that passed over the Bay Area! They hyped it up for the most part, but it did hit pretty hard farther north. The store pictures are of "Castle in the Air in Berkeley. I LOVE that store during any kind of holiday!
 It's really fun decorating a new house, and laying out all the familiar ornaments, but in a different environment than you are accustomed to. This house is more fun to decorate I think, mainly because it has more details to it than our last place. I was able to take out decorations that I didn't at the old place like  the faux garlands that I had from another house where we had a staircase! I had enough for both windows in the living room and a little bit for the kitchen.  Our new decoration acquired this year, is the carousel from Germany. We picked that up while in Munich this past July, its so sweet.  Our tree this year is a bit of a dud, although you can't tell from the photo! It must have sealed up before we got home, since it sure is on the dry side and losing needles already! This will be the first year that I can't wait to take it down, because I fear it might catch fire!! Hahaha.
I was busy this weekend completing a couple of cape orders, which is always fun. I was sweating bullets though, waiting for my wool order to come in time to make them, as my local source didn't order any red for the season! I was so happy when I got it in time and was able to complete and  ship the orders out today! Every time I make and send one of them, I feel as if a little piece of my heart goes with them, I truly love making them and always hope that the little girls receiving them will love them as much as I loved making them.
Wedding planning has already started in earnest. We already have a venue and the church lined up! The date of the Wedding will be October 24th. I'm sure these months will whiz by with all the planning. Next month Caitlin will start the dress hunt! That is going to be my favorite part I think. I'll share as much as possible with the planning.
Hopefully this week I can squeeze in some cookie baking. I'm not going to go too crazy with baking, but I have to make something :)
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Remember, try and not stress over silly things and the commercial aspect of it. In the end it just isn't worth the anxiety. Enjoy the small things....the music, food, and family!

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  1. Every thing looks so inviting! I love your pictures. Happy Holidays.