November 30, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

Phew, that was fun and and exhausting! We had such a lovely day shared with some friends, who are expats from Germany, and of course cutie pie Caitlin. Cyrous came by later, as he had spent the day with his family. I kinda went crazy making desserts and in between doing so, decided I would do a whole floral arrangement. I had a lot of fun making it though, but man was I wiped out by the end of Thanksgiving day!  We usually eat later than most, since I can't even bare to get up early in the morning and start messing with a raw turkey. It makes for a more relaxed and even paced day for me and most of the time we invite people who are use to eating much later than what most Americans do on Thanksgiving.
I sure did have a blast using my new food processor for the meal. I really could tell the difference in quality and performance and I feel like I really made a good choice with it. The best part was how super lightening speed it was to whip cream, and next time I will keep a better eye on it, since it was almost butter consistency hahaha.
Our guests, who I mentioned were German, had never had Thanksgiving food. They couldn't get enough of it, and had many helpings, and enjoyed all the flavors of the meal. They really loved the pumpkin pie, which also they had never eaten! I'm glad we were the first Thanksgiving gathering that they had.
Next day was spent cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen, because you know how it is, no matter who organized you think you are, that last few minutes of getting all the food on the table is a nightmare and always leaves the the kitchen in a big disaster!
Saturday we met Cyrous' parents to look at a venue for the wedding. It was beautiful, and hopefully this will be the space, because it has everything that we all need in a venue. Exciting times ahead with the planning. Can't wait for Caitlin to start trying on dresses, I think that will be my favorite part I think, and flower selections next hahah. I would so love to do the flowers, but know how impossible that would be to fit in.
While putting up my feet after a long Thanksgiving day, I checked my Etsy shop and someone had bought my last cape! This made me so happy, and has given me a push to get some more made up for the holidays. I kind of needed a break making them after the Halloween rush, but now I'm anxious to get some more completed.
I sure hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, I know we sure did!!


  1. What a lovely Thanksgiving you all had! Your table setting is gorgeous, and all the food looks delicious (especially the desserts!). Caitlin is a beautiful young lady, and I know you are so proud of her! Excited times ahead indeed with the wedding planning!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. The food, the table setting and your daughter is beautiful. Your post is a feast for the eyes.
    Park City, UT