November 26, 2014

Baking, Cleaning, and Waiting for Thanksgiving

I'm really loving watching the back yard evolve in color and appearance. We have been enjoying all the fruits that the yard is giving us, and have played around with a couple of persimmon recipes to attempt to use the gargantuan amount that is out there. I think I'll leave the rest of them for the animals. I saw those ravens snacking down on them the other day when I snapped those photos.  Lucky for me, the gardeners have been picking up the dropped over ripe ones, so it doesn't become too messy out there! I have a question for you gardeners. Why are some of the citrus trees and bushes blooming right now in November? Are they confused with all the warmer weather we have had, or do they bloom more than once in the year? The plus side to all these blooms, are all the cute little humming birds enjoying the nectar out of them. I love seeing them buzzing around the lemon tree by my window.
The house is all spit shined and ready for our guests tomorrow. I feel like I have everything done and now all I need to finish up are the desserts, and my floral arrangement. I'm excited to play florist today, because I found some really beautiful flowers and I have some fun ideas.
I took out the new toy yesterday to make some pastry and it was a joy to use! It will be in heavy use, later today as I prep for tomorrows feast. I feel the splurge on this food processor was totally worth it.
I wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day and live in the moment, try and put down all those devices, and enjoy your guests.  Ok, maybe one or two IG pictures, but seriously, please try and detox from the devices on such a wonderful holiday!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well Julia!