January 21, 2015

Caitlin and Cyrous' Wedding Venue and Church

 The venue was built in 1912, so it has a lot of beautiful old touches to it.

 The Persian ceremony will be in this room, and this will be the back drop!
 The chandeliers are so gorgeous in this venue!

 The far whitish tall doors slide open and there is another room with a fireplace. You can see it in the photo farther up.
 Back side of the venue. What a view!

The Catholic ceremony will be here. It's such a beautiful spot and so serene.

Today I went to look at the venue again with Cryous' mom, so we could start to get some ideas for decorating. These are a handful of the pictures  I took, as well as some of the church. We are so lucky that the church is about a mile or so away from the venue. We secured our photographer, which we are so happy to have found. Go check out their( website) and watch their (video)! We can't wait to work with them.   We are super excited to go dress shopping in a couple of weeks! Caitlin found her cute wedding shoes the other day, so things are slowly but surely coming together. We are having Persian food at the wedding, and we did a food tasting this past Sunday. We now have to check out a couple of other places before we decide on a vendor. Next up is the cake and the flowers.
Caitlin and I have been sending messages back and forth with a lot  of ideas that we have been putting  up on the Pinterest boards, which has been a lot of fun, but at times overwhelming with all the cool possibilities that you can do.
This month is almost already done, and that is how I think this whole year is going to go! Or am I just getting old and time seems to be slipping like sand through my fingers? I don't know, but before we know it it will be June and then only months away till the big day! We are trying to enjoy every minute of the planning.

On another note, after a long hiatus from my shop, I have started on some really cute new pieces that I'm excited about. I'll share very soon. I sold one of my favorite little tops last week and now I have to make another one or two.  I never got around to finishing the little mice! I can see now that I'm not a toy maker and don't find it as exciting as making clothing! hahaha. Oh well, I'll complete them sometime soon and throw them in there.

We have had no rain since December, and it is starting to look like early spring outside, which is scary and annoying to me. This weekend it will be in the 70's again! I like to visit blog friends that have snow and real winter, and wistfully look at all the beautiful images of a true season.
Well guys, I'm off to complete the project I started on for the shop. Sorry I let the blog get a few cobwebs on it!


  1. What beautiful locations and scenery; it renews my desire to drive to California :)

  2. Lovely setting! I'm looking forward to "cyber attending" the festivities.


  3. It's nice to see you back in this space, Elizabeth! What a beautiful location for the wedding. The view is absolutely breathtaking.

  4. It all looks great, congratulations to you and family.

  5. Great place!! The venue they had selected was excellent. Last year I also got married. We had destination wedding to Florida. Hey, you haven’t posted any photograph of their wedding reception party. Why so? I really want to watch their pictures! Please post dear.

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