February 3, 2015

Hi There February!

Here we are in February already! Time stands still for no one hahah. January was filled with catching up with old friends and having dinners with Cryous's family to finalize the details for the venue. Now we begin with all the fun things, like this coming Sunday, Caitlin gets to start trying on wedding dresses. We can't wait to see which silhouette and style she will decided on. We have three different appointments with another one the day after Valentine's Day and the next weekend after that one.

I sold a couple of pieces last week from the shop and one of them made me slightly sad, as it was my favorite top. I hope the little person who receives it wears it in good health. It made me get in the mood to start creating more goodies. I just finished the little top pictured and I have the emerald green jumper almost done. I love this saturated green cotton sateen. I'm trying to decide if I want to sell it as a set or separate, what do you think? There are details in the jumper that link the two, but I'm not sure yet.
Oh man has it been still super warm here! All the flowers in the front yard are starting to bloom, but in stark contrast the back yard trees are void of leaves and lying dormant, kind of an interesting juxtaposition. They are telling us that we will be getting rain this week, but they promised that last week, so I'll believe it when I see it!
I really want to make some fun dishes for my weekday dinners. I don't know about you, but I always throw things together on the week nights, and save special cooking for the weekends. I'm tired of all my standbys! Yesterday I made some meatballs out of the Jerusalem cookbook and they were super yummy! So fun to have different unexpected flavors instead of the same old same old! I would love to do some more baking too, but always feel guilty having baked goods lingering around the house when it's just us two! I usually give up sweets for lent , so perhaps on fat Tuesday I will make something fun. Then it is 40 days of lock down hahahah. It won't be too hard, since I only have a sweet treat once a week anyway.
Yesterday I stockpiled my red wool for  the Little Red Riding Hood capes. I now feel ahead of the game and I think in June or July, I will make up about 10 of them and have them ready to ship in Sept., and early October. For now if anyone would like one, they are special order only. Because of Caitlin's wedding, I will not be taking orders for them in October.  Just thinking ahead!

Off to go finish my simmering stew :)


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