February 10, 2015

New in the Shop!

So this is what I have been working on after the holidays have come to a close! Both these pieces have a lot of detail and took some time to finish! Very full skirts equal quite a bit of time hemming for one, and then all the trim on the collar took some doing.  Fitted sleeves are always a bear and every time I sew them in and then take a look at the seam, I say a little prayer to the sewing gods that there are no pinches in the fabric. Sewing fitted sleeves in sometimes really feels like you are sculpting with fabric! Anyone else think this?   This green fabric is so beautiful with its sheen and weight. Its a very saturated emerald green, and I think it is perfect for spring or the jumper can be used for Christmas as well. I hope wherever it ends up, it is loved.  I wish I could capture just how beautiful those vintage mother of pearl buttons are that are on the jumper! The iridescence of them are quite something.

Sunday Caitlin tired on wedding dresses! Oh boy was it super fun!!! It was like playing barbies :) She found the silhouette that suits her best. The last dress she put on brought a tear to my eye, especially when they put the veil on. She liked it, but she isn't sure it is the one yet. We have another appointment this Sunday, and also another one in the city on the 21st. At least we know the style that best suits her best, and now it comes down for her to have that moment!!  I sure wish I could post some of the photos I took of the last dress, it was very beautiful. Caitlin was smart and went to her appointment super dolled up with nice makeup and all, so you could really picture what it will look like on the day, very smart.  I took a lot of pictures, and videos of her walking in a couple of them. I think this really helps, because you can see how it photographs and also how it looks while you move in it. Hopefully she won't get too confused with making a decision hahaha.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on a project for the shop that has been milling around in my head for the past couple of weeks. If it turns out the way I want I'll show you, other wise we will just forget I mentioned it haha Stay tuned.


  1. You are so wonderfully talented, Elizabeth! This reminds me so much of my daughter's second Christmas outfit, except her dress was red. It's just absolutely gorgeous! I know you will have some very well dressed grandchildren some day! :)

    1. Thanks Julia! I think this little jumper could be used for Christmas too.

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