February 23, 2015

My Blog Just Turned 8 Years Old!

My blog anniversary was on February 12th and it slipped my mind completely to do a post on that day! I can't believe I'm still at it hahah. So many blogs are slowing down or shutting down it seems. Most prefer Instagram or other formats, but here I am, still documenting my little corner of the world. I must admit thought, that I too have slowed down in posting and ideas for posts. This little blog is for me to look back on what I and my family have done each year, so I keep on going.

Did everyone have a fun Valentine's day? We had planned to take a drive out to Marin and check out a new store, that is a new venture of Steve Gordon, founder of Restoration Hardware.  Well, I suppose it isn't brand new, as I believe he opened in 2013. Mr. Gordon's  last stint was at Sundance Catalog, and I thought he was still there, until I saw someone on Facebook waxing nostalgic about Restoration Hardware, and we all launched into a discussion about the original store in Eureka Ca. It was said in a comment that his newest venture is a cool new store in Mill Valley Ca. called Giudeboat.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may have remembered the post on Restoration Hardware that I did, and how I  really don't like its latest incarnation. Steve Gordon's magic touch that gave life to RH, left with him and is now in this new place. Steve, always manages to get things right with retail. He has the ability to capture a lifestyle and turn it into a shop that you can't get enough of. He has such a great eye for finding quality and putting it all together to tell a story that you want to be a part of, if that makes any sense.  I must go out and explore his newest venture as soon as possible.

The yard is coming out of its short winter's nap and blossoms and leaves are starting to make their appearance. The quince tree is really going crazy with its beautiful velvet green leaves. The rose bushes are starting to awaken also. No wonder with all this sunny weather we are having. The front yard, has many beautiful camellia bushes, one with red and white streaked flowers, and the others plain white and red. Camellia flowers are so pretty, but so short lived. They seem to wither away and fall all too soon for my liking.  Check out all those Meyer lemons! Don't hate me for having a million of them!! A lot of them are just dropping to the ground,  I just can't keep up with all of them. I can't make any desserts out of them, since I gave up sweets for lent, I guess I have to keep incorporating them into my lunches and dinners.

After finishing the two piece outfit from my last post, I have now started on a baby linen top. Oh my the feel and drape of the linen is so wonderful that I'm using for it! I'm binding the edges with Liberty of London fabric, and it will close with that yummy silk satin ribbon that is pictured. I'm making little bloomers to go with it.

The last picture of Caitlin, well......that is NOT her dress,It's my 80's wedding dress. She tried to reenact my pose in the photo behind her hahaha. I can't even imagine her wearing this for real.! It was so lovely back in 1983 though :)   We are happy to say though that this past weekend Caitlin found her dress, at Marina Morrison in San Francisco.   It's a beautiful , and I can't wait for you all to see it, but you will have to wait until late October.  ;)  Now on to the flowers and cake and of course all the other millions of details that need to be done.

I'll try not to be a stranger on here, and post more goings on from my little corner of the world.
Happy 8th birthday to my little blog.


  1. Happy blog birthday! Too bad you can't bake "it" a lemon cake. I don't hate you but I'm very envious of those Meyer lemons. We only get them here for a very short season--not on the tree but in the grocery stores.


  2. Happy blog Anniversary, Elizabeth!!! I am amazed at all the beauty you have in your yard. Awww California is such a beautiful place to live. I know you are enjoying planning Caitlin's wedding - now on to the really fun stuff - cake and flowers!