April 6, 2015


Easter was quiet and peaceful. We went to Easter vigil on Saturday, so we could sleep in and have a nice breakfast, and just lounge around and cook and eat chocolate all day! Caitlin and Cyrous joined us for both church and Easter day. It's always so fun to make beautiful memories with these two!
This year I skipped the lamb and decided to make it easy with a ham from Whole Foods served with spring veggies tossed in a warm vinaigrette and red skinned mashed potatoes with grainy mustard. I found some beautiful English peas that were such a nice treat to have. I was a bit disappointed that the vinegar turned them an odd green after I had carefully blanched them to keep them bright green, but they did taste good none the less! David and the kids had a cheese course, but since I'm not a fan I sipped wine until they finished :)  For dessert I made my trusty strawberry rhubarb pie from a recipe I have had forever. I love this recipe because it has more rhubarb than strawberries, which gives it more of a nice tart taste. It also has a lot of vanilla in it which perfumes it so beautifully and makes the house smell so lovely while it is baking.
Then comes all the chocolate......did everyone over dose on it yesterday? I sure tried not to! Today I'm trying to catch up with all the party dishes and it's a bit slow moving I must say. Thought I'd write this blog post instead of doing said pile of dishes hahah.

I've got THE cutest dress cut out and started on, that I'm excited to show all of you. Lots of fun things to do and look forward to in the coming months, and as they unfold I will try and share as much as possible.

On our weather front, we got a bit of rain on Easter and more is on the way! I'm sure it will not really help our drought situation, but it sure is a welcoming site. Another front is coming for tomorrow and I hope to get cozy at home and work in the studio.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! Shockingly, I ate no chocolate yesterday!

  2. Your Easter meal looks delicious! And your table setting is gorgeous, as always. I overdosed on chocolate on Easter... I ate way too much! Trying to get back to eating healthy again this week. I'm off to Whole Foods today to buy lots of healthy food! :) Have a great day!

  3. Fantastic looking food! Easter here means simnel cake.