April 10, 2015


I've been taking down the Easter decor little by little. Some of it is so cute, that I can't bear to see it put away yet, so I'll let is sit out for a few more days. I bought those beautiful peach French tulips at Berkeley Bowl for Easter. Even though I loaded the house up with flowers already, I just had to have them.  They of course continue to grow, and you can see just how tall they are when they are up against the size two dress I just finished making! I even clipped a good five inches off of them before I took the picture with the dress. I'm a huge sucker for that peachy pink color also. When I lived in France, I planted about fifty or more of these in our yard. I'm not sure really what inspired me to plant a bunch of bulbs there, since gardening isn't my thing, but when they popped up in the spring it sure was a glorious site!  I sure hope  the tenants that are there now love them as much as I did. I just can't live without flowers period.

The dress.......It took a while to make this one, and I love how it turned out, with the full skirt and the tucks for an added fun touch. I'm making a pinafore to go with this, and boy oh boy, the cotton eyelet fabric is so pretty! I find that when I look at clothing in shops, my eye always goes to lace and eyelet pieces. I don't own a lot of pieces in those fabrics, but I sure do love them, especially in children's clothing. I started the pinafore today and hope to have it done quickly since it isn't as labor intensive as the dress. They will both be in the shop hopefully Monday.
Once Easter is over, don't you feel as if things fast forward a bit? I use to find that even more when the girls were in school. Most kids get out of school late May early June, so right after Easter it always seemed like it would zoom past and then the summer months were here before I wanted them to be. Not because the girls were home, but as you know it isn't my favorite time of the year.  This summer though, we will be having fun doing wedding things though :)
Wedding  planning has been fun so far and we have now completed all the major decisions, so appointments have slowed down. Caitlin graduates from college at the end of May, and she is super excited to do all the fun details for the wedding, like incorporating some art work in some of the reception decor.  It's going to be such a beautiful day, although I think I'm going to need some heavy duty waterproof make up, because there will be more than a few tears shed that day....Hahaha. It will also be nice to have Nicole State side, even though it's only for a week. She hasn't been home in 4 years! Well, I'm off to cook dinner and have a relaxing Friday evening.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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  1. What gorgeous peach tulips!! That's a color I don't see very often, but they are beautiful! I love fresh flowers in the house, too. I picked up a pretty little potted fern for my dining table today. And I'm thinking about cutting some branches from my pink dogwood tomorrow to bring inside. That is the sweetest little dress... I am in love with the fabric! It sounds like the wedding planning is coming along nicely. It will be here before you know it, and I look forward to seeing photos from the special day. Hope you are having a lovely weekend as well. We spent the day in Blowing Rock, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I visited one of my very favorite garden shops - The Mustard Seed, and we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants! It was a good day.