April 21, 2015

New in the Shop

I had so much fun making the newest little outfit above. Lots of pretty details and truly a sweet little heirloom for some lucky little girl. I wish sometimes that I could really convey the feel of the fabric and how the two pieces work so well together, as in the drape and twirly aspect of the fullness in the skirt of the dress. I'm hoping that my photography shows it, but sometimes I wonder how it comes off. The pinafore is all cotton. Often times when you see this type of eyelet, it is a cotton poly blend. Because I avoid any synthetics in my pieces, I tired to hunt down the prettiest cotton eyelet for this project. Both pieces can stand alone, which I love and I hope people who view them realize that they can have two cute out fits! The dress is a beautiful light weight cotton lawn and the peachy color of the flowers happen to match the little silk vintage rosettes on the pinafore. I love when I look through my trim box, and realize that I have the perfect thing to make the  garments that I'm working on, just a bit more special. The vintage silk rosettes are from 1930. It has such a nice look to it, and not as shinny and bright as new versions of this trim.   I had originally listed this with a choice of possibly splitting up the two and selling them on their own. The minute I got an email from someone who wanted to do this, I got a bit sad and knew that I shouldn't have done it. I quoted the price, and never heard back, so I quickly edited the listing and now it is selling as set. They are just too perfect for one another!

The yard is changing everyday. Roses are reigning supreme at the moment. On my side of the yard there are yellow, purple, white , pink and way too many red roses for my taste, but they are all beautiful. I have been clipping many of them and bringing them into the house. The citrus trees still have many, many blooms and the humming birds are constant visitors. Today I went out to pick a lemon to squeeze over my roasting chicken, and while under the lemon tree in the  front yard, a little humming bird buzzed in and just sat there. I didn't dare move, because I really wanted to stare at it for as long as it would let me! Birds constantly fascinate me, and I never tire of watching them.

Are you wondering what that egg thing is up there? It's my take on a Spanish tortilla. I remember eating these in Spain and loving the thinly sliced potatoes and herbs in this egg dish. A couple of weeks ago, we bought this pan. It's called Scanpan, and made in Denmark. We happened to be at Sur La Table when they were demonstrating it. I was super impressed when I saw the woman cook an omelet with no oil, or fat. Just bare pan on a med setting, and it came out beautiful! Plus they are safe and not made with creepy things, so we splurged and bought one. I highly recommend them. It's weighty and you can use metal on it as well as put it in the oven. My tortilla turned out perfect in it and I can see this pan being used A LOT!
Saturday we met some friends for a polenta feed. It is always so very tasty! Caitlin and Cyrous joined us. My friend always says if you sit to her left during the raffle you will always win, and she is right. We have gone to this event three times and sat on her left, and each time one or both of us have won a prize! This time is was both of us. My prize was a huge bottle of Jack Daniels!! Those who know me thought it was quite funny, as I rarely drink! Anyway, it was still a lot of fun with lots of good food to eat.

Today I received a request for a cape! I rarely get orders in the spring/ summer season, so it was a bit of a surprise. I was really proud of myself today though and cut, sewed and jumped in the car to ship it with five min. to spare before they closed the post office! I never get tired of making those, they always come out so darn cute!

Tomorrow I'm working on a special little project request from Cyrous' mom for her little nephew.
After this project, my sewing machine is going in for a tune up, so I'll have a bit of a rest for a few days. I hope the wait time isn't too long though!

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