April 27, 2015

Special Order

Hello!  We had a lovely weekend I hope you did. On Friday when we met Cyrous' parents for dinner to sample some of the food that will be at the wedding. After the decision for the caterer was made, we made a date to go taste the actual dishes that we have decided on! It was very good, and we are excited for the guests to have a Persian feast! This will not be typical wedding food choices of chicken, beef or fish. Those items will be served but in Persian dishes, and they are tasty. I want that to be a surprise, so no photos of the food hahah.
Saturday we went on a jaunt into the city to get a battery for my watch. Why the city? Well, about 12 years ago, on my 41st birthday, my sweet husband gifted me a Cartier tank watch. It's one of my prize possessions and wonderful memories of living in France. In the twelve years I have owned the watch, this will only be the second battery I have had to put in it! The downside of owning such a beautiful watch, is that anything that you have to do to it is EXPENSIVE! I also have a casual watch that I wear to knock around in, and it too needed a battery. The cost of that battery was only 20 bucks. The Cartier watch........$65.00!!!! While I was waiting for them to put the battery in, there was a guy there wanting his metal watch strap replaced.....the cost....$2,000 Yikes!!!! I was thankful at that moment that my strap is alligator, BUT to replace that, it will be $365.00!!! I'm not happy about this, but the strap that I have now has seen better days, and does not showcase how pretty the watch is, so Happy Mother's day to me I suppose. I could have a new hand bag for that price :(    Oh well, hopefully it will last another 10 years!    We decided to stay in the city for dinner and a movie. We had such a nice time at a restaurant in the SF mall, that I thought would be generic and not great, but it turned out to be so good, and I would definitely go back. It is called My China, and it was opened by Martin Yan, of "Yan can Cook."  Wonderful flavors and very different than the normal Chinese restaurant that is prevalent around San Francisco.  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a photo of one of the dishes.   We then saw "Age of Adeline."  It was a sweet movie with lots of eye candy, and it was suppose to be set in San Francisco. Given that this is our city, you always know when a movie is really filmed here or they use stock footage of the skyline and other famous shots of the city. The whole time something felt off about the scenes and when I got home and looked up the info on the film, sure enough it was mostly filmed in Vancouver. Vancouver is San Francisco's fraternal twin hahaha. It has hilly streets and similar architecture, but I know my city too well, and I just knew it wasn't San Francisco! Anyway, its a fun film and it was such a pleasant evening!
The mouse was a special order for Cyrous' mom and was fun to do but I can surely see why I don't want to make more for the shop. They are extremely time consuming, and if I charged for all the time it took me to make this, I don't think it would be a good price point. The one and only that I put in the shop, I way under priced! If anyone really loves these and wants to inquire about them, send me a message through Etsy and I might consider doing one as a special order.

Oh, and all the yard pictures....I sure hope you are not tired of them. Every time I go out there, I see new things or beautiful changes to some of the plants. Cyrous recently realized that there is a loquat tree in our back yard. That is the photo of the yellow fruit with the prehistoric looking leaves! What isn't in this yard!!! I sure wish the owner had planted some peach trees or pear trees hahah. Oh well, I'm very happy with what is out there, and I cannot wait for those candy like grapes to mature, as well as the figs!!  In the front yard there is a rhododendron bush with one red bloom. This plant I think does better in cooler climates like up north were I went to college, although it's healthy enough and is starting to bloom.  I cut some roses and and brought them in for a little color in the main room.

Off to do some sewing.......Catcha later!


  1. Of course you have the tank watch, since that has been on my wish list since I was a teenager :) Your yard is beautiful, and it does make me miss Florida just a bit...then Megan reminds me how miserable I was there.
    How I would love to have a real cream tea! When Jessica and Megan were young, my mom and I would take them to every tea room in the Orlando area, and I would host teas for them and their friends; but I've never had the real deal.

  2. Your evening in the city sounds just perfect! I haven't seen a movie out in a theatre in forever... maybe this weekend since it is my birthday weekend!! The roses from your yard are just gorgeous. I have never had a rose bush in my yard, but I think I need one!