May 18, 2015

Moving Update # 3

Well......still nothing!  Because there is nothing, and we don't want to give this landlady any more rent money, we decided to put all of our worldly possessions in storage and stay with family in town. We could have stayed here through June, but I can't take another minute here. We are not sad about leaving this house at all, but sad that we don't have a new home yet! We never got attached to this house, and in all four of the bedrooms, we didn't commit to hanging very much or anything on the walls, so this will make it quicker this time to pack things up( well kind of). Even though I tried to make this place homey, it just never felt like home, given the situation with the back yard creature.   I have also decided after much thought, that I'm not going to write the whole story about our dreadful year in this house on here, because I don't want anymore pictures of this house or memories of what happened on my blog, BUT if you want to know the story with a few pictures, drop your email in the comment section and I'll tell it to you in private.
Since last week we have looked at a couple of condos to see if we could go that route. One was very pretty, but a tad too small and the layout was a bit tricky because when you opened the front door you had to go up stairs to the living quarters. Not a fan of this, and thinking about our ancient piano that weighs a ton, going up those stairs, scared me! The girl who owned the condo was so sweet, and had it decorated really nice. It was the first place that actually looked exactly like the pictures in the ad. I also drove by a house that was listed and got the address after I made an appointment to see it. Since it was empty, I decided to peek in the windows and look around. YUCK! It was just as ugly as the serial killer house we saw the first week we started looking. I called the guy back and cancelled the viewing appointment.
Then another condo came up, and by the pictures it looked like everything we wanted. We both got our hopes up on this one and could not wait to see it. It had a lot of square footage and beautiful views and the kitchen looked so nice in the photos.  Walking up to the front door we were met by a very nice lady and her dog. The minute I saw the way the front door area was kept, the red flags went up. Inside we saw an extremely messy house by the tenants in there, and they hadn't even started packing!  It was dark, and had popcorn ceiling from the time when builder thought that was cool. It had laminate flooring that was so so downstairs and not very well kept carpet going up the stairs and into all the bedrooms. OK.....If I have to see one more property with other peoples junk and dirty carpet one more time, I'm going to cry!!!!! The kitchen was not great, and looked far from how it did in the ad!!!! We decided that there was no way that we were going to push our budget and move into this place!  That is the other annoying thing with these landlords that use old photos of when the house was clean years ago, and then you walk in and everything, like the carpet and appliances, are about ready to be replaced, and they have wasted my time and hopes that it would be something I want. This lady was nice, but the other red flag was how she thought the walls looked just fine, and there wasn't really a need to paint them! REALLY, are we looking at the same walls?! When I spoke with her on the phone she said that she had been in there and that it was clean. For the life of me I just can't understand how people can live the way these people were living, and making the excuse that they had kids! My house never looked like this when I had little ones! There were three rooms in this house that had the most insane amount of legos that I have ever seen in my life! ANYWAY, we took an application but decided there was no way, even with it cleaned up, that we would enjoy this place.
Yesterday Zarin, Cyrous' mom, was so sweet to come over to help start packing. Her mom was the kind person who is letting us stay in her condo while we look. Caitlin and Cyrous will be there as well, so we will be roomies for a bit. We just don't want to rush into another property because of lack of time.  This is a first for us. Not finding a place to move into is a bit odd, and I feel as if I'm twisting in the wind a bit. The only time we have put our things in storage was when we moved to France, but that was an exciting move and perfect for that time in our lives. This time, it feels like we are putting ourselves in time out mode and taking somewhat of a break from life in an odd way. I can't wait to write a post which will include pictures of our new home. Last week I thought I'd try and do some sewing before I had to pack things up. The first picture is of the garment that I started to cut out when I got the certified letter that we had to move. My heart is not into finishing this, so I think I'll pack it up as a WIP and look forward to completing it sometime soon.
Well, break time is over and I have a mountain of things to do!  Not sure when I will be able to do another post, but I'll certainly try.  


  1. It sounds like you are making the right decision getting out of the house now, and not paying the crappy landlord anymore money. I am happy to hear that you have a nice place to stay with family! I'm sure that you feel relieved that you don't have to take a crappy place just to have a place to live - now you can take your time, and not be rushed to find the perfect house/condo. I'm not going to ask you to share photos or your story - you just need to move on from all of this, and try to forget about it. Good luck with the move!

  2. I am following you closely on this journey and hoping for a happy ending. That darn Bay Area housing can really make a person crazy. We had these issues in the 90's when we moved there. My husband had to rent a room with his new job and we lived apart for months until he found our house in Pleasant Hill. I'd like to hear the whole story. My email is gnomelover14

  3. Moving, under the best of circumstances, is difficult!! How fortunate that you do have a place to go while you continue your search. It's too bad you don't have a way to warn the future tenant about the other "being" on the property!!


  4. How stressful. Just seeing the piles of moving boxes, and reading about your search, made my stomach ache. Hopefully your next home, will be just that; home.

    1. Yes, it is stomach ache inducing for sure! Living in a desirable place makes it tough to find a home. I hope we find something that we can stay in for a bit, until we can make plans for the next stage of our lives.