May 28, 2015

Our New Place

 Breakfast nook, but I'm getting a kitchen island to put in this spot. Light fixture above is antique

 Love this built in bookshelf!

 Built in vanity

 Main bath

 Down to the lower level to laundry room, garage, and basement room

We move tomorrow, and I'm totally wiped out both mentally and physically! It's been tough looking for a place this time in our town. Extremely low inventory of rentals and prices sky rocketing like no bodies business. We had to move a bit farther afield to get this gem of a little place. I have some mixed feelings about leaving my town that I have lived in for over 20 plus years, but I'm afraid nothing quite this charming exists in my town that would be in my price range. I'm being a bit of a whiner right now, as I'm only about a 10 or 15 min. car trip down the freeway from said town. I was spoiled up to this point with everything being close at hand. I moved to a town that is closer to David's work though, and now his commute is only 10 min.  Now he can even come home for lunch.
The town is quite historic, and has a charming old town feel. It's has a mixed population and does have a reputation of more of a blue collar town, and with that you can imagine there are some less desirable areas.  The neighborhood where this house is though, is really quaint and has some beautiful vistas. The house sits high up and I'm sorry but I forgot to take a photo of the front before we left this evening. The landlords are very nice, and I think this is going to be such a better tenant landlord situation!  For that alone we are excited to get the heck out of this house and on to a much better situation.
The kitchen is one thing I'll have to get use to since it is on the small side, but to remedy the situation, I plan on getting a movable kitchen island to put in that little nook( this one). Other wise it has a great fridge, much bigger oven than I have now. The table and chairs in the picture are not mine, and I think ours will look really nice in this space! I'm excited for all the built ins too, and the bathrooms are fun!
I'm in love with the yard! I was really going to miss the yard we have now with all the citrus and all, but guess what?   This yard has an orange tree, lemon tree, several fruit trees like peaches, nectarines, persimmons, and plums. Oh and an avocado tree!!!! Yes you read that right, an avocado tree :)   I see many pies and tarts this summer.  I'll take better pictures of the yard soon and the front of the house.

The storage below the house, since it sits up high, is enormous and we can store some of our family room furniture that doesn't fit.  Lots and lots of storage thank goodness!

Well, I'm off to back up the last of the stuff in this house and I'm done!!!!


  1. I'm so happy you've found such a lovely new place. The floors are beautiful, and the kitchen has such nice finishes. I'm looking forward to seeing photos after you've settled in. We will probably be moving next Feb. and Oliver can hardly wait. Everyday is asks, "when I turn five we will move to a new house, right" he likes this house, but he loves new places. Funny kid.

  2. How nice to read your good news first thing this morning. I love the place and can't wait to see how you make it your's!! I am envious of your fruit trees!!


  3. Wow! What a great glad things worked out for you!

  4. You guys have been through a lot but it looks
    like you have found a real gem!

    M : )

  5. Im so glad you've found a place! I wanted to gently point out that I've seen you make comments about "undesirables" and such in the past, and I'm sure your intention isn't bad but it can read as slightly snobby. So what if its a blue collar town? That doesn't mean its bad or unsafe.

    I am completely behind wanting to feel safe in your home, especially after the nightmare it sounds like you went through, but please keep in mind that there are so many socio-economic factors at play, and "undesirables" might just be people that are hard on their luck, pushed out of affordable housing due to gentrification. As a fellow resident of the Bay Area (Oakland!) I know how tough it is, but honestly, please think about the way you're categorizing places and people.

    1. This post was written on little to no sleep for days, so excuse me that it didn't come off like I meant it too. I'm not sure what other posts you are referring too, other than the time I wrote about the troll out back at my last place, and all her umpteen pals that brought their dogs and were loud and obnoxious on a daily basis. Sorry, they truly were undesirables, and I think that word was too kind for some of them. As you can tell, I'm still annoyed with what we had to endure for a solid year!!! We followed the lease, were polite and friendly and even tried to help this person out on a couple of occasions, and we were treated poorly in return. I'm tired of giving people like this the benefit of the doubt and getting trampled on in return. I'm a really good judge of character, and when I first met the girl out back, I knew it wasn't going to be good. I don't say these things lightly. I'm sorry that you feel that it comes off snobby. Other than that, I don't know what you are referring to in my other posts. Living in Oakland you should know what I meant by what I said.

    2. Living in Oakland, I've learned not to use phrases like "people like this." I don't know what you meant by what you said, because what came across sounded judgmental and classist. I acknowledged that it sounds like you went through a nightmare, and I get not wanting to engage with unpleasant people. You write a blog and I am giving you feedback and support. Part of my feedback is that it sounded to me like you were making some pretty broad generalizations. That's all.

    3. Point taken. You are right, I shouldn't have written it that way perhaps. I do however feel that you made some assumptions about me. I come from blue collar and not at all ashamed of it. When I meant undesirables, it had NOTHING to do with class. What I meant was trouble makers, rude and ungrateful basically, like the girl and her friends. The girl out back, just to clarify, is a spoilt brat that grew up in Danville. She is undesirable in my eyes because she doesn't pay her mom a dime to live there, and is extremely disrespectful, and rude. Most blue collar people I find, tend to be more polite, because they work honest jobs and know where a dollar comes from. I think you and I both have miss understood each other, and for this I apologize and will take what you have said as constructive feedback.

  6. I am so excited that you found a place, and it's beautiful!! I can't wait to see it once you move your things in. The kitchen island is fantastic!

  7. Hi, a small kitchen can have great benefits. Firstly there is less to clean, but it can also feel really cosy, especially in the dark winter moths. A moveable kitchen island is a fantastic idea. We have one in our kitchen, and it just makes the space that much more accessible. You'll learn to love your new kitchen. Good luck.

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes