June 11, 2015

Finally Recovered! A Few Pictures of the New Place

Wow, that was an insane move! It made me so tired, that I'm just now recovering. Where do I begin? We used the same moving crew we did last year, and they were just as good as the last time. They worked so hard, and it was so darn hot too. The main living area is upstairs, so they had to climb many times hauling all our stuff, but completely kept their sense of humor.  We are really liking the house and adjusting to being in a different town. So far it hasn't been at all bad and it helps when the new neighborhood is quaint and you have a nice neighbor. What a concept huh? Nice people to live next to!!!  The house was very nicely redone by the landlords and we are enjoying all the nice features, such as the beautifully finished hardwood floors. I just gave them a few squirts of "Bona" floor cleaner and look how pretty they are.  This half of the house is pretty bright and has a lot of beautiful natural light, which I love and it will be good for taking photos in the winter months. I'm not sure if I want little Riki bird there all the time, but so far we haven't come up with a better plan for him. I think he may rotate around the house. He will not be there when dinner guests are coming, that's for sure hahaha. This weekend we will be hanging the art work up and this side will be done! We will also be picking up our coo coo clock up today, after being in repair for 13 months!!! I can't believe it is finally done, I sure did miss her, and I have just the spot for it.

I'm almost finished putting my studio back together also, pictures will follow soon I hope! It's just been so hot here, that I start to move around then I get hot and just sit :( The house has a great AC at least :)

All the fruit trees out in the yard are heavy with fruit and I can't wait to start harvesting them. Happy that we still have a lemon and orange tree also! The most exciting though, as I may have mentioned, is the avocado tree in the front yard. If you follow me on IG you may have seen the pic I took of one starting to grow. It's a beautiful healthy tree, as are the fruit trees. The neighbor has a really pretty apple tree near my fence. I bet that tree looks beautiful when it blooms in the spring. Speaking of blooms, there are some really pretty roses and also three or so peony bushes in the back yard as well.

Well, I must get to some more boxes, and I'll update soon as things start to come together, but thought I'd pop in so you didn't think I got lost in boxes and paper!!


  1. Amazing! You have made things look so beautiful! Sounds like a fabulous backyard. Enjoy a wonderful, quiet, peaceful Summer.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I sure will. Can't wait to make a peach pie with some of the fruit!

  2. Your new home is beautiful! I am so glad that you found such a nice house, and I know your are. The hardwood floors are gorgeous. And I love all the natural light. The back deck and yard are pretty fabulous, too! And I would trade you for your dry heat any day of the week - it has been so terribly hot and humid here - 97 degrees with 100% humidity... Ugh!