July 4, 2015

Catching Up On Events

 This was my favorite course. There is an egg in the ravioli!

June was a whirlwind as usual, and added to the fact that we are still settling into a new home, made it extra crazy. We managed to fit in all the celebrations though this year. First one was Caitlin graduating from San Francisco State University. She worked so hard to get her degree, but didn't really want to go through ceremonies, so we had a lovely brunch at our favorite restaurant. Caitlin and Cryous moved the same weekend we did, so everyone was a little bit out of it that day hahah.
Next up was our 32nd anniversary. We couldn't get into Chez Panisse this year, so David found a new place to try. It was wonderful! It is called 1313 Main. If ever you are in Napa, you should go there. I was that annoying person at the dinner table snapping photos of each course, because they were all a work of art. Not only was each course beautiful, they were delicious as well. The chef of 1313 Main worked at "Meadowood." Meadowood is the second restaurant on the west coast to receive 3 Michelin stars.  We went to Meadowood a while back, and did not have a great experience there at all. I was shocked frankly that they were awarded 3 stars! To say they were on par with French Laundry, to me seemed a crime. ANYWAY, this chef took with him the skill of using flowers( Meadowood signature) in an artistic way, and I must say, he does it better.  The restaurant on the outside is very unassuming but elegant, if that makes sense. On yelp it only has two dollar signs, which means that it really isn't that pricey. Our dinner certainly could stand up to more expensive places. We really want to go back and try this place again in the fall possibly, to see what this chef does with the season. The chef came out to say hi after the meal, and when we left, the staff all signed the tasting menu with our names on it and put it in a nice envelope with a wax seal.

On another topic, we are in the final months planning the wedding and can't believe that it is so close! So many more little details need to be accomplished. Wish I could post pictures of some of the things that we have done, but I feel that it would spoil the surprise for the guests.

We are really liking our new home and the neighborhood! Such a nice change from our last place and feels way more like "our" space. I haven't had a chance yet to take any photos of the yard and all the neat trees yet, but I will soon. I just thought I'd jump in and get back into the blogging mode with some photos of our lovely anniversary dinner.

Today is the 4th of July, and we aren't really doing anything to celebrate the day sadly, since David is working. They are launching a whole new computer system and everyone has to be there this whole weekend. It kind of took the wind out of our sails to celebrate the day.  I sure hope everyone else is having a fun filled weekend though!  Happy 4th of July!!!!


  1. You seem to have a lot on your plate--literally and figuratively!! That looks delicious.


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    What an awesome
    way to celebrate.

    M : )