August 6, 2015

Summer Light

Hello! It has been way too long since I have been in my little corner of blog land!   As you might guess my days have been tied up with Caitlin's wedding and getting the last little details checked off the list. So many little things that take up so much time. It's all been fun though, and now that all the big chores are complete, we get to do the fun stuff.
We are all settled into this little house that feels like a tree house, since we are on a hill and the main living area is perched up on the second level. Lots and lots of light. The light is beautiful in this house, but I must say on the hottest days, it's a bit toasty, and you know how much I'm not into being hot and summer in general! Thank goodness for AC, or I would be living in the basement I think.
I promised to share some photos of the yard, so I went around this evening and snapped a few photos. The weather is odd today, hot and muggy, so the photos look a bit washed out, sorry about that.   Like I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are a lot of fruit trees on this property. We have enjoyed the peaches and plums until we just can't eat another one, and now we are eyeing the avocados that are starting to get big and hopefully will be ready to eat soon. The picture of the sidewalk with all the peach pits is evidence that the deer have been having dessert in the evening and leaving their mess behind. Even with them mowing down all those peaches, there are still plenty more to pick! I made a pie, a crisp, and we eat them for breakfast almost every morning. Love peaches :) As you can see, we once again we have an orange tree and a lemon tree. I loved the Meyer lemons at the last place, but I love these more, because they are better to cook savory dishes with. Meyer lemons are a bit too sweet, and I couldn't figure out why the owner planted a million of the same kind on the property. Now we have one really nice large lemon tree, that gives very LARGE lemons as you can see from the last photo.  I have to tell you a story in regards to the lemon tree. Early in July, I went out to the tree to retrieve a lemon for dinner, and while I was glancing down at the lemon that I had picked, I proceed to misstep off the porch and fell. Not just a nerdy falling and then brushing your self off, and hope no one saw, I mean really fell in a bad way! As I fell, it seemed like it was all in slow motion, because I could see where I was going to hit and unfortunately for me, it was face plant right on the corner of a copper planter :( I laid there for a bit, to see if nothing was broken, and it wasn't until I got up that I saw all the blood!!! The family was in the house luckily, and when they came running after I called out for help, they all got scared when they too saw all the blood. Off I went to the emergency room. Luckily it wasn't as bad as we thought and they put liquid stitches on the bridge of my nose, but only after being in the ER for almost 5 hours!!! The bruise on my arm was a whopper and actually hurt more than the cut on my nose. The scar is starting to fade a bit and the bruise is now faint. My husband is terrified when I joke with him that I'm going out to get a lemon! Hahahah

Caitlin goes for her first fitting next week and we are all excited to see the dress and veil again. She has also gotten the rest of her accessories, and they are so pretty!  Friday we will be going to the hairdresser to do a run through of the hair style she wants. We are also planning a wedding shower :)
The next thing I have to do is  look for a dress for myself. I haven't seen anything I really love yet, but hopefully the new fall items will be coming in for better color choices.

Shop news.....I've gotten three or more special orders for the capes. It seems to be getting earlier and earlier with them. It's very difficult to motivate to cut hot wool hahah, but luckily the days the orders came in we had a break in the heat waves we have been having.
I have some fun ideas for some new garments, but when to find the time to execute them is another story.

I'll try and do a better job of visiting this space a bit more often, because just the other day, I was reminded of why I started this blog to begin with. We were trying to remember a dinner party that we had and who was there. I realized that I had taken some picture for a blog post and so we jumped on here and there it was! I love looking back over the years, weather anyone is reading this blog anymore or not!  Speaking of that, I have heard form a couple of  you that you have been unable to leave comments?!  I really don't know what is up with blogger anymore!!! I have tried tinkering with a few things to make it work, but to no avail. You can message me on Instagram or if you are friends with me on FB, leave the comment there. Sorry about that guys. I notice that when I reply to you , I get a failure to send in my email. So please check back here if you asked me something, because I try and always reply.  On that note, see you sooner than later with more updates and life in general!

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  1. What a scary fall! I'm so glad you are ok. Your beautiful home and tree filled yard...Nirvana. It's like Im looking at a magazine spread. I really hope you get to spend many happy years there, (and that someday I will be able to visit you.)