August 30, 2015

Caitlin's Wedding Shower

 We played guess how old Caitlin is

Persian treats
 Bridal bow bouquet

 Our florist for the wedding made a beautiful bouquet for the shower

 Caitlin with Vanessa. Vanessa is one of the brides maids.

 Caitlin and Brooke. Childhood friends since first grade!

 Bridal bouquet builders! They did a great job.

 Caitlin with her cousins, Isabella and Natalia.

There are lots more pictures of course, but I hope these give a good example of the day.  We put a lot into it and I think everyone had a good time! The maid of honor of course lives in London and we missed having her here, so some of these photos are for her.   It was so fun to see some friends that we haven seen in a while and to meet Zarin's friends. The weather was lovely and Zarin's garden is so beautiful that we got enjoy being outside while we built our mimosas.
We let Whole Foods do all the work for our food for the day, but I made the cupcakes. You can't see it very well in the pics, but I found the cutest sprinkles that were tiny, tiny gold stars and hearts!!! Then I topped them with edible rose petals.

It's scary how close the wedding is now! All the planning will soon come to a close and then the next chapter of Caitlin and Cyrous' life begins.  Looking forward to it all unfolding soon.

While planning the wedding and shower, I have been a busy bee with the shop as well. I made yet more  special order capes and have been selling made stock as well.  I will soon be putting the shop on vacation mode, because I will be making two flower girl dresses soon, and finish up all the small details left for the big day!

My post is going to be short, since I'm tired beyond right now hahah.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of the shower!

Flower girls!


  1. A feast for the eyes of lovelieness. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Michelle! It was a lot of work but worth seeing the happy face on Caitlin :)

  2. Everything looks just beautiful! What a lovely, special day!

    1. Thanks Julia, I hope Caitlin as lovely memories of the day :)

  3. Really lovely! What a lucky girl...I am so excited for you all! xo

  4. I'm sooooo happy for Caitlin and Cyrous!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Croatia,

    1. Hello Ivana! We are so excited, as the day is now getting closer and closer :) So many plans and little details still to finish, but we are almost done. Thanks for popping in to say hi :)