September 12, 2015

The "Ber" Months Have Arrived!

I'm so happy that summer is close to being in my rear view window! Still hot as hades outside though. This whole week we have been in the 100's, but hey the lighting is beautiful, because fall is trying to peek through the wall of summer heat.  
Last weekend we went to Oaktown Spice shop and we added to our collection for our cute little spice cabinet. Every time I open the door it smells like spice heaven. I love to replenish and purge my spices in the fall and spring. If you are ever in Oakland, you must go to this shop, click the name above for the link to their website, it has everything you would be looking for to make those exotic and not so exotic dishes.
Sundays I have been sending Dave to the farmers market to fetch pastries from a baker that makes the best croissants and danishes this side of the bay! We are thankful that he sells in our farmers market and if we are lazy, we can go there and not have to drive all the way to Berkeley to Fournee, which by the way I found out that the farmers market baker and the Fournee baker are friends and trained in the same school.
Boxes and boxes keep arriving everyday for the happy couple! It's exciting to see all the showering of gifts and how lovely their home is going to be set up with such pretty and thoughtful gifts. I'm really excited for them. I can't believe that in just a few weeks the big day will be here. Lots and lots of little details still need to be done, but I think we are finally in a good place that we can see it all coming together. It has been a delight planning the wedding with Caitlin and working with such wonderful vendors. I'm so excited to see the flowers. We went to the venue last week and did a walk through with the florist, and had a great time with him talking over the details and how it will be coming all together. It's great to work with someone that can see what you are trying to achieve.

I finally got some curtains up in a couple of the rooms that have been blasted by the sun. I love all the windows in this house and I don't plan on putting up anymore curtains but the ones shown above. The dinning room would get so much sun that you can see that the hardwood floors getting slightly bleached by the sun. I was concerned with putting some of my darker table cloths out because of it too. So we went to good old Ikea and got some simple curtain hardware, and I repurposed the curtains that we had at our old place. I left all the hardware at the old house because the paint job was so horribly done, that when we started to take them down it was pulling chunks of paint and plaster off the wall. Since they were cheap Ikea polls we gifted them to the house.
I used our white organdy curtains that were in our last bedroom, and put them in the studio. I love how the light filters through them and cuts some of the harsh sun that can be quite blinding when I'm cutting fabric.
Speaking of fabric, I bought 4 yards of this darling Spoonflower fabric for a limited amount of capes. I'm running out of the cute Little Red Riding Hood toile fabric. I have combed the internet for more, but haven't found anymore sadly, so I have to start looking for something different. Since I can get this spoon flower fabric anytime, it might just have to be this and some other linings that I can find with this theme.  I have made a total of 8 this summer. I usually make about 8 during Halloween and Christmas. I'm happy that customers are thinking ahead this year, and also reading my announcement that I plan to put the shop on vacation mode soon, so that I can concentrate on Caitlin's wedding.
Speaking of which, I need to get ready for the day, as my cousin is coming over so I can measure up her daughters for flower girl dresses. They are so pretty that will will be fun to see them all dolled up on the day.

Happy weekend!


  1. My eyes are feasting on the photos of your home-so pretty! I know I say that a lot...but seriously, so pretty. What an exciting time, getting ready for the wedding! I love the Ber months; this morning it was 62 degrees here and our driveway was covered with leaves.

  2. Thanks Tricia,
    We are having a lot of fun putting all he finishing touches on the wedding! I'm starting not he flower girl dresses tomorrow :)

  3. I am so happy the "Ber" months have arrived. My favorite time of year I believe! Your spice cabinet is adorable, and I know it must smell heavenly. Your pasteries from the market look delicious! I can't believe Caitlin's wedding is almost here... it seems just like yesterday that you announced her engagement!