November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015


Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, we sure did.  We enjoyed the day with friends and family.
Cyrous invited his friend Sajjad, and we invited our German friends Barbara and Alexander, who now have grown to love Thanksgiving.
My concern when we moved into this house was the size of the kitchen, and what it might be like to cook Thanksgiving in it. My fears did not come true thank goodness! The island really made a huge difference in prep and also was nice to have as a snack area later. I actually really enjoyed cooking in this kitchen. The key is to keep cleaning as you go of course and cook some dishes the day before. This year I felt like I could actually enjoy the food, unlike some years where it all becomes a blur and I enjoy the food the next day.  I'm sad that November is coming to a close with it's cinnamon colors and all things pumpkin. I love Christmas too, but for me it will usher in the close of my favorite time of year. I have zero Christmas decorations up at the moment, unlike many people I have seen on social media, no judgement though friends hahah. Tomorrow, I will take out a few items and get the house ready for the tree this Saturday. I really hope that I don't have the same problem with my Christmas tree this year! It was dry a week after having it, and shed so many needles that I didn't think it would make it to Christmas day. Poor little crispy critter :(.  For many years my Christmas tree has been in a corner and we have never gotten to have it in a window to be able to see it from outside. Now we will have that opportunity and I can't wait to set it up! We also have an actual fireplace mantel to hang stockings, yippe!  Every year I have hung them on a long table, as many of you have seen through out the years if you follow this blog. As far as the rest of the decorating, I'm going with less is more, as we don't have the space as we have had in the past. This will be great when it comes time to take down everything hahahah.

The shop has been busy, with cape orders and other special orders that I'm still working hard on. I love that people are buying their children items that are handmade and can be handed down. I really think that is what Etsy should be, but sadly I see more an more shops on Etsy disguise themselves as handmade, when in fact they are not. I don't want to rant on about it, because there seems to still be a lot of us that are still doing it the way it is suppose to be, it just makes me slightly annoyed when you see something like a party dress for a little girl going for $35.00! I recently came across this when I was making the flower girl dresses. Even though the design is simple, these dresses took a lot of time. Combined with the cost of materials, how could they charge only $35.00 dollars. Well, it's because I'm sure they are all coming from China. When buying things from Etsy, please be aware of this. Rant over!
I'm also happy to say that I have found 5 more yards on Etsy of the Little Red Riding hood fabric that I ran out of! I keep checking Ebay and Etsy to see if someone is selling it independently and I've been lucky to have found two yards in a different color way and 5 yesterday of the one that I have had before. I'm restocked and ready for the holidays!

Alright, I'm off to ship out an order, have a good holiday season and hopefully I will be able to post more often.

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