November 22, 2015

Glorious Colors of November

Oh you big beautiful month of November, with your pumpkin pie spice colors sprinkled everywhere, ..I love you!  Out of every window of this house I see splashes of gorgeous colors of autumn. Sitting perched on a hill and the main living area being high up, I feel like I'm living in a cool tree house with such splendid views of the changing seasons.  As we were driving yesterday, we saw the most gorgeous trees that looked as if they were on fire, and I wish I had my camera because they just didn't look real. California rolls into autumn like a stubborn child not wanting to leave the party of summer, but when it arrives, it's so beautiful and I love drinking in all the sights and smells that come with it.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite cooking holidays, and today I'm off to forage for the feast. I'll be making the classics and our new tradition of the Mexican sweet potato dish that everyone loves. I usually change up the green side dish every year, and have one new dessert in addition to pumpkin pie. This year I'm making a pecan chocolate tart that I saw in Martha's November issue. I'm off to look for maple sugar for it. Have you ever used maple sugar? I'm intrigued if it will actually  add a maple taste to the dessert or not. Stay tuned for the verdict on this.

As you can see buy the photo above, we finally got the kitchen island from Crate and Barrel that we wanted to put in that spot. I LOVE it and it really fits well in there! We also bought two stools for the other side where the leaf comes out, to have a little breakfast/sitting area. The stools we got were from Ikea, and look great (these are the ones) and look like they came with it. The island is a great height and it will be nice to have this surface for Thanksgiving food prep.  We also got some much needed shelving in my studio and now things are much more organized and efficient. It's always so fun to go in there and work with the nice lighting and everything now in its place.

Speaking of my studio, I have a couple of custom orders that I'm currently working on that are super cute and involve embroidery, which I really miss, and plan to start incorporating more of on up coming pieces that I have in mind and I just got the first cape order of the holiday season.  Next post I'll show you my new shelving and some snaps of the work I have been doing.

The newlyweds are doing great! Caitlin just got a job at Anthropologie for the holiday season, but wants to stay on after. Anthropologie is building a mega store in our town that will open in the fall of next year, and when she interviewed they told her that there will be more jobs in the visual department. So there could be some great opportunities, if she likes working for the company.

Well, I'm off now to go hunt for my maple sugar and other fixings. If I don't come back before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great one!

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