November 11, 2015

Halloween Recap and Other Random Catch Up

Hey everyone, long time no post!  Halloween snuck up on us because of the wedding of course, but we managed to pull a small festivity together at the last minute, and had a couple of Caitlin and Cyrous' friends over for dinner. We had some really cute kids swing by for candy, much more than at our last house, which was great.  Don't you love Caitlin's deer make up she did? Very talented this little lady. She later did a whole Indian Bollywood make up on her friend before they went out on the town. Take a look at her new web page here
As I look out the window fall is coming more into focus with it glorious colors and crisp air, oh how I live and for this time, I'm in heaven now. Cooking adventures begin, and I'm already planning my Thanksgiving menu. The food towards the end of the post are from the "Jerusalem" cookbook. I love all the spice combinations in this book, and I have made the clementine chicken before, but not the butternut squash. I could easily eat that entire platter of the squash, it was super yummy and it will be made again.
I finally got some shelving up in the studio and organized some of the mess in there since it was taken over by wedding prep last month. The sewing machine took a much needed spa vacation to get serviced and I just now got her back, so anyone wanting capes or other sweet little items, head over to my Etsy shop!  The last thing I need to do in this room, is hang some art work and my project board.
Getting excited to start creating again and filling up the shop. I have a special order I will be working on starting today that I'm excited about and will share soon.
Stay tuned for more fall delights and upcoming creations as always! Have lovely fall day :)


  1. Caitlin is indeed a very talented woman. Your studio...Im having pangs of jealousy!

  2. What a lovely Halloween evening you guys had - dinner looks delicious! Your table setting is gorgeous, as always. And Caitlin's deer makeup looks fabulous. She is very talented indeed. I would love to hear more about your Thanksgiving menu - I need ideas! :)

    1. Thanks Julia! So far for Thanksgiving I'm loving a lot of the recipes in the new issue of Martha Stewart. The sides mainly. I usually stick to the classic way of cooking the turkey. For a few years now, I do a sweet potato recipe out of a Mexican cook book. It has Mexican brown sugar in it and cream :) so, so good.