October 30, 2015

Caitlin and Cyrous' Wedding

Well, they are married........What a wonderfully romantic, ethereal, fairytale day it was!!! There really aren't enough adjectives to describe how beautiful the day was. It went smoothly and everything Caitlin worked so hard to achieve came across. The venue was such a beautiful back drop for it all, we felt at times we were living in a beautiful romantic movie set, with a fantastic music playlist by this DJ.     All photos above were taken by iPhone and most belong to Nicole.
All the vendors that we chose were spectacular, especially the florist! Then there is the CAKE! My goodness that thing was a beauty in person. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious. It was made by this baker. They did a fantastic job of cascading the flowers. Caitlin had an idea of how she wanted it, but wasn't sure in the end what it would actually look like. In conjunction  with the florist, they blew it out of the water!! It was also ENORMOUS! We still have a lot now in the freezer, not a bad thing!!

The florist .....again I don't have enough adjectives for how stunning the flowers were. Each center  piece looked like a dutch still life painting, with open pomegranates and really unique interesting flowers and branches and berries. I truly hope our photographers captured their beauty. They will be forever etched into my memory though. As long as they are in business they will be our family florist! The owner, Darwin, managed to capture everything Caitlin envisioned and then some! The chandelier wreath was executed by Darwin's fiancee and she nailed it!

The day started very early, being at the church at 10 am to get dressed. Our hairdresser was there waiting and he did a wonderful job with everyone's hair. Very unique hairstyles that suited all the girls. The Catholic ceremony was at 2:30 followed by the Persian ceremony at the reception site. Both ceremonies were beautiful, and we couldn't be more happy with how they both turned out. Both thoughtful and done with such sentiment.
We had Persian food by this vendor. I did not get a chance to snap a photo of the food, but it was beautiful, and tasty.
The rest of the evening proceeded with conversation and dancing. All music picked by Caitlin and Cyrous, was so them and made the mood very personal.  I loved everything they chose. Their first dance was "It's Friday I'm In Love" by the Cure. This was so them! I videoed it with my phone, because it was just too cute! The last photo on here is of the father daughter dance., I wish Dave's head were not cut off hahah. This made me cry. It was  this song.  One of my favorite dance moments was when this song came on. I couldn't help but join in on the dancing! It ended up being a family dance, where we all joined hands and danced in a circle. Best memory for me :)

Caitlin and Cyrous looked so happy on the day, minimal to no stress and just pure happiness and joy, and that was the most important thing.

It certainly was the most beautiful day!! Now they begin their new chapter as husband and wife.


  1. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

    M : )

  2. Lovely! Darling couple! Gorgeous bridesmaids. Sweet flower girls. I need to find an occasion to send my bay area kids flowers from that florist. Please tell Caitlin and Cyrous I loved everything about their wedding!!


    1. Bonnie, give them a Thanksgiving arrangement :) I'm going to have them do one for me this year.

  3. And...Caitlin's dress is absolutely perfect!


  4. I should have checked out everything before commenting!! Iz's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was the choice of our younger son and his wife for their first dance. Love it!


  5. Everything turned out just beautiful! Caitlin looks gorgeous! Congratulations to the happy couple. Now they get to celebrate the upcoming holidays as husband and wife... so exciting!