March 14, 2016

Hello....... It's Been a While

Hello all. I sure didn't mean to be absent on here for so long! I've been squirreled away at home these days sewing and keeping out of the rain we have been having. I started the Easter/spring dress that I mentioned in my last post, and is pictured at the very top. In the middle of making this cute little outfit, I got a special order and started on that too. The floral pinafore with linen bloomers are complete and the little white fabric at the end, with the cotton lace will be a little top, and is the final piece for the special order. I really wanted to complete the dress and topper in the first week of March, but I suppose I'm not making my deadline haha.
The yard is coming to life. Every window in our house is showing me the beautiful splendor of the season. So many pink, purple flowers with their confetti petals strewn all over the lawn and walkway. Today I went outside and snapped some pics of the yard and all the blooms. I'm loving that the peony bush is already showing buds on it! Some of the bulbs I planted have been doing well and others got drowned with the last rain. Next year, I'm going to do a much better job of planting bulbs. I just waited too long and kind of shoved them where I could, and I'm seeing that it wasn't the best idea haha. Oh, and would you look at that lemon tree with all it's little treasures dangling on it. I sure do love her.
I have also been having fun trying my hand at flower arranging with supermarket flowers. Whole Foods has such pretty ones right now, although I love the variety that Berkeley Bowl has better. I haven't been able to get over there, and I'm happy that WF is bring more interesting blooms in the past few trips. I usually mix them with cuttings from what I can find out in the yard. This time I cut some ivy and other little greens and blooms to fill out what I bought at the store. How do you like this weeks? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen last weeks. I forgot to photograph it with my camera. I'm having fun experimenting with different vases. I wish my flower budget was larger, because it sure would be fun to make this more full, but I think it turned out alright.

As always, I hope to not be absent on here and try and document more fun things, other than my homebody photos. I promise I'm not a recluse hahah.

I'll share more soon!

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  1. I love your backyard, and your overloaded lemon tree; and flower arranging skills are enviable. I look at all the flowers at trader Joes, and know that something wonderful could be made from them, but thats where it ends.