February 12, 2016

My Blog Turned 8 Today!

Has it really been 8 years! I think last year I went on and on about the dying format of personal blogs and how some have been completely abandoned, so I won't do that, since it's just a matter of common knowledge now sadly. So instead, I just wanted to mark the day since it was Feb. 12, 2008 when I first started this blog adventure. I still am so very thankful for all the friends I met in blog land and all the things I learned from other fellow bloggers. I'm also happy that I can keep it up for Nicole, so that she can visit home virtually from London town. First and foremost though, it still is meant for my family and documenting all the special moments and even the mundane, as it all unfolds for us.
It has been very warm here. As you can see above, all the plants are loving the sunshine and the rain that we did got in January. I love the pink camellia bush in the backyard. the flowers look like poofy pink tissue swirls against those beautiful dark green leaves. The red one next to it ,is rather large and really not my favorite.
The plant in the terra-cotta pot are the ranunculus that I planted a few weeks ago! I was shocked to see the leaves today. I really thought those were not going to do anything, but I shoved them in there anyway and hoped for the best. Now if the muscari pops up, I will be a very happy camper. Now that I know how easy the ranunculus came up, I think next fall I will plant many more of those.

Who out there likes those white lilies? I'm not so sure about them. There are many, many plants out back. It must have been a popular plant for the era of this house. I think I will make a better effort to plant other bulbs next fall to gift the back yard with more treasures other than just lilies. The third picture down is the peony bush making its way back!   For someone that isn't a gardener, I'm surprising myself by doing a post on plants and possibly attempting some gardening, because  I'm a notorious plant killer hahaha. I just thought that the yard looked all dressed up for Valentine's Day with all it's pinks, purples and reds going on, so I thought I'd share all the pretty blooms.

The fabrics shown are going to be THE  cutest outfit, that I'm hoping it will be done in time for some lucky little girl to have for Easter. I was spinning my wheels with what project I wanted to do next, and I did start on another project with embroidery, but I looked at this fabric combo and the outfit popped into my head. I'll be cutting this one out today and start on it on Monday. It's a two piece outfit with lots of sweet details. It is going to be a size 3. So stay tuned :)

Well, for those that are still hanging in there with their personal blogs, cheers to you and me!!
Hope everyone has a good Valentine's day.

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