May 26, 2016

Celebrating Bella

Last Saturday we went to a surprise party for my beautiful niece Isabella. Doesn't her name suit her? She goes by Bella, and "bella" she sure is! The party was a surprise and the guest of honor truly was that indeed! Look at that pretty smile of hers! I can hardly believe that it has been 18 years that I was in the hospital room watching this little lady enter the world! We forever see her as the cute little 7 year old that loved horses and loved to lounge only in tee shirts and sweats. Now look at her! So grown up and starting a new chapter in her life.
 Last night we went to her graduation. I love going to graduations and seeing all those bright futures dressed in cap and gown with all the endless possibilities ahead of them, it just never gets old.
Going to family events like birthdays and graduations always makes me nostalgic. We always end up talking about the day each child was born, all the fun stories about when they were little, and when graduation rolls around, either in high school or in college, you just can't believe how it all just flew by! My nephew, that is in the family pic above, will be the last of the kids to graduate from high school....thank goodness that is a ways off or I would be feeling really old.
My sister and brother in law have done such a suburb job of raising these three fine children, and they should be super proud of all three! I can't wait to see where their future takes them.
Bella went to an all girls Catholic high school, so the graduation ceremony wasn't as lengthy as some high schools with a huge student body, which made it nice and more personal. I also loved how they had the girls photos flash above, when their name was called up. They also get a picture with the bishop of the diocese when he hands them their diploma. Wonderful evening!
Congratulations once again Bella!!!

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