May 9, 2016

Mother's Day and Lots of Flowers!

What a lovely day Mother's Day was! Filled with flowers, great food and time with the family.  After being showered with gifts in the morning, we had brunch at our favorite spot "Flora," then because the bay bridge was backed up from here to eternity with everyone else having the same idea, we took a little detour to get to the city via the Golden Gate Bridge. For those following me on Instagram, I did a fun little video going across this big beautiful bridge. After living in the Bay Area for 28 years, I never tire of crossing the bridge, its just so dang majestic, and yesterday there were blue skies once we headed into the city so it was extra gorgeous. I wanted to go to the de Young museum to see Tiffanie Turner's paper flower exhibit. I have been following her blog for a while and now her Instagram. I was fascinated by her beautiful and giant paper flowers and just had to see them in person. They look so real when you come across them on Instagram! She is a local artist and if you live in the area, go and check out her exhibit. She was there yesterday and I got to chat with her briefly.  She was so friendly and it was so neat to see her also working on some of her new creations. She teaches classes on making these beautiful flowers too.
I had  forgotten that the de Young was also having an exhibit on Oscar de la Renta. It was fun to see these beautiful dresses, but oh the line to get in!! Still fun though, and towards the end there were gowns that were recently worn on the red carpet! They had a cool video playing with the actresses wearing the dresses that were on display.
After quickly going through the Oscar de la Renta show, we headed over to grab some dinner at the Wayfare Tavern. I've been to this restaurant three other times and had great service and food. Last night we had good food and our waiter was great, but the kitchen staff really messed up. It actually became quite comical so we just went with it. After our cocktails, they brought everything out at once. The poor waiter came and saw the disaster and apologetically removed the entrees and tried to make it right. After we had eaten the apps, they forgot to bring back Caitlin's dinner! It really reminded me of a very funny dinner we had in Paris once, so we laughed it off, chalking it up to it just being very busy. They ended up comping an extra cocktail that the waiter thought I ordered, but didn't, and they took off Caitlin's dinner. I'll have to say that at least the dessert was an A+. It was a coconut layer cake. Normally I would have gone for chocolate, but this looked good as I saw it go by for another table, so Caitlin and I ordered it. At least dinner ended on a sweet note.

On Saturday, I was surprised with a knock on the door with the beautiful flower arrangement that Nicole sent to me via my favorite florist Florali.....remember them from all the beautiful wedding flowers?!(I really miss not getting to spend Mother's Day with both my girls.) This arrangement is GORGEOUS, and to fully enjoy all aspects of it, I did a little video of it on Instagram. Hard to photograph it and do it justice. Such a talented group over there! When I just linked them, for this post, I happened to notice that Caitlin and Cyrous' wedding is featured on their website! If you want to see, click on the link and go to "weddings."

I hope everyone had a lovely day. Today I'll be finishing up the little piece I have been working on and I'll do a post very soon.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful Mothers Day! I did enjoy your golden gate video, since I live vicariously through my blog friends :) I would never guess those flowers to be made of paper; such talent!

    1. Thanks Tricia! I was thinking about you and another friend in France when I did the bridge video. Hope your Mother's day was a good one :)