May 4, 2016

Hello May!

Happy month of May everyone! I just had to post pics of all the peonies that bloomed out back, because they are so lovely. I have a hard time not cutting them and bringing them into the house, but I resist because they look so pretty out in the yard. I'll be sad when they are done blooming, because I like to go out daily and gaze on their pink lusciousness.  Like I mentioned in my last post, we didn't fully get to enjoy the back yard last year, so we are making up for lost time and spending most of the weekends planting and enjoying all the blooms. I bought some lights to string up in the sitting area for extra coziness, but I have to go back to the store to get another strand, since one will not be enough. Once those are up, I think being out there in the summer will be a pleasure. David planted some tomatoes and and few other veggies this week, and potted the David Austin rose bush we bought last weekend. There really wasn't room to plant it on the property, so we bought a giant pot and will keep it on the porch to enjoy.
After I finished the little dress with the oranges on it, I told myself that I wanted to whip up something quick and simple for my next project, so how exactly did I get side tracked and end up doing this little outfit with the embroidery? Oh well, it's going to be really cute even though it will take me a bit more time that whipping up some bloomers and tops, which I plan to do soon enough, but first, this embroidered bunny pinafore must be made.
As always, I have a zillion ideas, and never enough hours in the day to execute them. I've gone back to the gym with Caitlin and this always chips away at some of my sewing time, but of course fitness has to be made a priority for good health. I've been at it for three weeks now and feel much better!

My apologies to those born in April, but why is it that in that month there are always either really, really sad deaths of icons, or some terrible disaster? My sister and I always talk about this when April rolls in. It was close to the last week when we had this discussion and I think I said, well it's almost over and we might make it without something too horrible happening........then Prince died :( I wouldn't say I was a rabid fan, but I did love a lot of his music and was in awe of his musical genius.  His music was the backdrop to some fun college times and when Nicole was first born. My favorite memory was with the song "Raspberry Beret." When Nicole was about 6 months old, we bought her this really sweet purple beanie that was made of mohair. We would always sing that song to her when she wore it and she would squeal with joy! Ever since he passed away, his songs keep popping up in my head! I won't even be thinking about him or his music, but there it is!!! Mostly Purple Rain, and 1999. He was a true gift to us all and a very sad loss. If you were a fan, which song was your favorite?
If I don't blog before Mother's day, I hope all the mamas, grandmas, and moms to be have a wonderful day!

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  1. I am so excited to have discovered two peony bushes in our yard! Unlike you , I don't think I will be able to restrain myself from cutting some flowers. It appears that our yard was professionaly landscaped years ago, and just as one flowering plant fades, a different one blooms.I have such admiration for gardeners with vision.