April 18, 2016

A Little Splash of Spring

As you can see from my photos, there are a zillion things blooming round our yard. Caught that pretty little butterfly floating over the neighbors apple tree one morning. I'm glad I was able to grab my camera in time to capture it! Since then, the blooms have dropped and you can see the apples forming. All the fruit trees have treasures hanging from them, including the abundant producing lemon and orange trees, which are also so fragrant and covered with buzzing bees. How do you like my tunnel of lemons?! They really need to be cut back from the house!  Since the weather has been beautiful these past few days, we got the itch to spruce up the back patio with some furniture and plants. We went to our favorite nursery and treated ourselves to that gorgeous hanging geranium, along with a fern that I'm planting in an urn on the front porch( this weekend maybe for now it just got plopped in), and a David Austin rose! I can't wait to see that bloom. David also wanted some tomatoes and other veggies, so he is in charge of keeping those alive.  The minute we hosed off the porch and put out the furniture, we had some visitors of the insect kind descend upon us! Wasps!!! We went back to the nursery to pick up a fake wasp nest, to trick them, and I think it worked. We bought a bunch of bug control items to get ready for the season, so that we can comfortably enjoy the back yard. Last summer we were so distracted with he wedding and some of the drama surrounding it, we had zero time to enjoy the back yard, let alone take a trip to the nursery to pick out some plants. Making the patio a small oasis, might make me less grouchy with my least favorite season heading our way.  We'll see......

Not too much else going on these days. I've been trying my hardest to get more items sewn up and into the shop for the spring/summer and so far I have a cute little dress almost done, and some other cute ideas that hopefully will come together quickly. I recently sold several pieces, so I really need to get cracking! I went fabric shopping for the season, and this always gets the creative juices flowing. I have also been trolling Etsy and Ebay for cool vintage buttons and trim. I love adding really unique notions to my pieces to set them apart from the rest. I'm also trying to sew up some basics also that I can make multiple sizes and not just one offs. This is sometimes difficult for me since it's just me sewing and there are only so many hours in a day, but I'm going to try my hardest. I have told myself many times that the minute it isn't fun or a good creative outlet for me, that I would stop. So far I still LOVE doing it, so no danger in me quitting anytime soon! I'll snaps some pictures of the dress for my next post, and some of the fabrics that I bought.

Gotta go and make some dinner now, so stay tuned as usual.

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