June 21, 2016

33rd Anniversary

I survived all the celebrations this weekend! Saturday was our 33rd wedding anniversary . We had a very nice dinner at Chez Pannise, with glorious weather thrown in for good measure! I love going to CP and never tire of it. The very top picture has no filter so you can see the beautiful blue sky we got to enjoy.

So hard to capture into words what 33 years married feels like sometimes. Honestly for us it's been effortless. Sure we have had life difficulties, but I can honestly say that as a couple we never have had a rough patch in our actual relationship. When I hear about people say that marriage is work, I'm always scratching my head wondering if I'm missing something. I guess we are lucky that we found each other's soulmate as cheesy as that sounds. Maybe it's because we balance each other well. I can be a bit of a worrier and David is there to calm things down and say it's ok, don't freak out. I think with my spicy nature I help him to see things in another way that can benefit him also. We truly are best friends and still have a lot in common, and the same goals.
What struck me this year when I was looking at our wedding pictures from 1983, were our youthful hands! I love hand pictures. I couldn't get enough of looking at Caitlin and Cyrous' hand pictures in their engagement pics and wedding pics. The hands tell the story of life I think. Mine are beat up from sewing pins, housework and well just older now! hahah. I threw in a couple oldie photos from our wedding this time. Cracks me up to see some of them and the dated aspect of them. The 80's were the worst years for fashion in my book, and of course we were victims to the fashions of the time. I always hoped that our wedding didn't look that over the top eighties.......

I was going to flood this post with pictures of all three celebrations, but decided to break it up into three and give them their own post. Last year there are zero pictures of David's birthday and we all sat around yesterday trying to remember what we did for him that day last year!!! We were so consumed in wedding drama last summer we can't remember, so I'm making sure that everything gets better documented.
Comeback on Wednesday for Father's day.........To be continued


  1. What a lovely anniversary day/dinner! Your dress is gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  2. Upstairs and downstairs, CP is one of my favorite restaurants. As for the bridal fashions, Celine Dion and Princess Diana were "outstanding"!! I think you and David look just right!!


    1. Thanks Bonnie! CP never fails. I went recently with a friend upstairs at a spur of the moment dinner, and it was amazing :)

  3. Lovely photos from your 33rd anniversary! You both look very charming and love your wedding photos too. Thanks for sharing them here. We tied the knot at beachside Malibu wedding venues and have a desire to have romantic party on our 1st anniversary.