June 12, 2016

Lovely Weekend

Nice weather and friends over for dinner last night at the spur of the moment made Saturday a fun filled cooking day. Our plum tree has exploded with ripe fruit, so I made a plum galette for dessert! I used two recipes for this one, because I like the fact that this crust had pecans in it. I found a plum galette recipe on Pinterest to get the right balance of sugar for the plums. It was a bit tart, even thought the fruit was ripe and sweet, but it was still pretty yummy. Our friends came after I pulled this out of the oven, and then we began grilling up dinner. The newest issue of Bon Appetite had some very good recipes for kabobs, so we tried the spicy lamb recipe with garlic yogurt sauce.  The couscous was from the "Plenty" cookbook. It was called "Green couscous."  I highly recommend this recipe if you own the book, it really went well with the lamb. We also grilled some zucchini from David's little garden, along with some cherry tomatoes.  Love having friends over and chatting over a good meal.

The three pictures of the deer are with my iPhone, so apologies for the quality. It's been a whole year now that we have been in this house, and my memory of our first few weeks here last year were the deer. They are out in the front of our house day and night. They eat off the wild plum tree near our bedroom window, as well as all the loquats that have fallen to the ground also near our bedroom. You can hear them ALL the time! Last night, I think one of them bumped into the side of the house (our room) and scared me! Last year while my sister was visiting, my nephew was walking out front, and one jumped right in front of him and almost knocked him down! They had just finished eating some of the peaches and must have gotten startled.  This seems to be only a summer thing, as I never saw them in the winter months. A few evenings back, I heard something outside our bedroom window, and when I peeked out, I saw one of them on its hind legs standing like a person, yanking plums off the tree, very funny site.  We also have what appears to be a little skunk family that has a path through our back yard. Yesterday evening, while our friends were here, a baby one casually sauntered by David on his way to who knows were. Thank goodness it didn't get scared because you know what that means!

I'm finishing up on a really cute sunsuit/romper as you can see above. It's coming out really cute and I just love this Japanese fabric for it! Next up are some gingham bloomers. I've noticed on Etsy that there aren't a lot of people making banded bloomers, so I'm going to put more of those in the shop. I have made some before and sold all of them, and was asked also to make some as a special order. I'm hoping that I can fill the need.

Well, I should be off now sorting out the mess from my dinner party.  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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