July 1, 2016

Good Bye June Hello July

July is here!  No big plans for us this year as far as trips. Last year as I have mentioned was such a lost summer with moving and wedding planning that this year it has been nice to take a big deep breath and relax and play in the the yard and do some sewing for the shop.  We also love to explore our own back yard so to speak. There is so much to do in the Bay Area, that one can really have a fun staycation, and that is what we will be doing this summer.

As I mentioned in my last post, we dropped Cyrous and Caitlin off for their month long honeymoon, and here are a few pics of them so far. I love the one of them eating in Nicole's garden! I have been Skyping with them here and there, and took a few pictures of the day I Skyped on Nicole's birthday. The quality of the picture of Caitlin and Nicole isn't great, sorry about that, it's a screen shot. They were getting ready to take Nicole out to dinner. They are having a lot of fun visiting and exploring London. Soon they will be off to Scotland.
I'm anxiously waiting for these peaches that I took a picture of to ripen! Hurry up already!!! Last year I remember picking some around this time, but they were much smaller. David pruned them in the fall, and I'm not sure if this is what made them have way bigger fruit this year, or it's just that the trees are more mature. They are white peaches and they are yummy.....so like I said...hurry up already and ripen!!
A month or so ago we planted a fern on the porch, and I'm happy to say I have not killed it! It's looking so pretty and getting bigger. Ferns are so beautiful and for me so prehistoric looking. They also remind me of living farther north in Humboldt County where they thrive. I thought it would be too hot here for them to do well, but when we moved in I noticed some growing in the front yard and doing quite well, so I thought I'll put one in a footed urn and see what happens.  I might have to retire my black thumb medal haha. The other plant that I can't believe is doing well is the Trader Joe's african violet! It's so gorgeous it doesn't even look real and it's got so many flowers! I'll take a picture of it soon.

Ok, enough about plants. I just finished this sweet little sunsuit and it will be listed today. It's made with Japanese imported fabric. I love the print, because it reminds me of a Liberty print, and you all know how much I love Liberty! It's 6mo. size.  (link is on side bar).  Next up are some red and white gingham banded bloomers. I'm starting on those today, and I think after those I'll be planning fall and doing some basics.

Hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend! Happy Fourth of July!

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