August 8, 2016

Hello August!

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I have blogged! One day seems to meld into another over here with routine and summer time laziness.  Since I last blogged, Caitlin and Cyrous moved to their really cute new place. On the Sunday before they got back, we built an Ikea TV stand for them, and got them a cute little patio table and chairs for their front porch. I think they were surprised with their house warming gifts! In my next post I'll put some pics of of their place, it's really charming.  It's nice to have them home after being away for a month.
A week or so we were suffering with a heat wave, as evidenced in the first photo. Not much gets done in this type of weather for me, which as you can see, there are no photos of anymore sewing projects! I did however complete one special order, and spent some time getting some inspiration for some fall projects on Pinterest. I went to my favorite fabric store in Berkeley last week and bought some really fun fabrics that inspired me to begin my fall/winter looks. I was going to work with a real bright color palate this fall, but changed my mind when I found this one particular print. I'll take some pics when I get some things cut out, which hopefully will be this week.

This past Saturday, we met Caitlin and Cyrous for breakfast and then checked out the vintage fair they were having downtown. I found a cool 1930's print to frame for my bathroom. Last year I found some really great vintage patterns, but this year I didn't see any vintage sewing supplies.  We stopped in at States Coffee for an ice tea and then headed home.

One of our summer guilty pleasures has been watching "Six Feet Under" on HBO.  This is the first time we have ever had HBO, so just now we are watching shows that everyone else already saw back in the early 2000's hahaha. The series began in 2001 and it's funny to see how that already looks dated. This started airing around the time we were getting ready to move to France.  I heard all about it when we moved back to the States, but like I said, no HBO until now. We are on the next to the last season right now and have really enjoyed the series.  Now we have to try and fit in the Olympics with our HBO viewing hahaha. Speaking of Olympics, as I type this I just saw the US win the mens swimming relay!! Michael Phelps really was incredible to watch. What are your favorite events to watch? We love swimming, gymnastics, and beach volleyball.

On Saturday we decided to go into Oakland for dinner, and while we were walking to the restaurant, we encountered this sweet little cat. It was just lying there minding its own business. As we walked by, it gravitated towards David like a magnate. It rubbed up against him in circles, then came over to me and did the same. I tried to pet it, but it just looked at me, like don't even.... then sauntered away. It still seemed that it wanted to pal out with David, as you can see how it is stalking him from behind. I miss having a cat.

The yard continues to bloom and bloom. The purple flowers on the tree are covered in bees and dragonflies. I really don't remember this tree all bloomed like it is now, last summer. I love seeing it out of my kitchen window. My miniature pomegranates are starting to form it's tiny fruit! We love sitting out in the yard on Sundays with our farmers market treats and coffee enjoying all the sights  smells of summer. Today we had a friend over to help us eat the farmer's market treats.

Oh I almost forgot.....Nicole got the coolest job opportunity that we are all super excited about! Unfortunately I can't say much about it, as I'm sworn to secrecy.... BOO! The minute I can tell more about it, I will be doing my proud mom moment. It's pretty cool :)

Off to do a bit more Olympic viewing before bed.....Catch up sooner than I did this time!

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