August 26, 2016

The Light is Changing.....

I know it is still summer, but can you see the light changing? I have noticed a lot of Instagram users posting magical light photos on their feed. This time of year is so golden isn't it? It's still summer, yet I can smell and see hints of fall everywhere I look. The apples in the neighbors yard, my miniature pomegranate, all are starting to ripen up in their fall beauty. The leaves are turning on my peach trees as well.  I saw some pumpkin spice items making their way onto store shelves. How did the whole pumpkin spice flavor and scent = fall start? I don't remember it being this prevalent in the past! It's almost overkill, even though I must admit, I like it.

Last Saturday Caitlin and Cyrous went with us to see the newly reopened SF MoMa. It was fun to see the new wing that they built just for the Fisher collection. The collection was owned by the founders of Gap, and was gifted to the museum.  I can't even imagine owning all those iconic paintings by Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, and other contemporary artists, it's a dream collection. Jury is still out how I actually feel about the remodel though.   We had dinner in the Mission, to a place Caitlin and Cyrous use to go to a lot when they lived in the city. It was fun to catch up with them. At dinner, Caitlin mentioned that there were still openings at the new Anthropologie &Co. that will be opening up in September in our area. She encouraged me to apply for a sales position in the BHLDN department in the store. I thought about it for a bit, and decided it would be a fun opportunity and applied.  Long story short, I'm now an employee of Anthropologie! I think I'm going to love being in the bridal department a lot. I'm going to feel things out a bit and see how it fits in my life and also with balancing my Etsy shop.  I'm not giving that up, as I will only be part time, and will still have time to do what I love on my days off. I feel, now that I'm a full fledged empty nester, I need to get out more and mingle with people. Truth be told, I feel like some days I have been a little bit directionless at home. I have taken for granted all my free time, and instead of being really productive, I procrastinate and do the minimum. I decided to give myself a kick in the butt and do something different. I'm not a stranger to retail, and I know it can sometimes be trying. I use to work for Crate and Barrel, but that was 22 years ago! Gulp, that is a long time ago. What I loved about working there, was the interaction with the customers.  I loved making sure they found what they wanted and I especially loved doing gift registries. My hip and back made me quit unfortunately, and I wanted to make sure I was at home for my girls full time also. No one is here during the day now, except for Riki the parakeet, and while he can sometimes sing a sweet tune to me, he is no match for actual human interaction, so I'm off to a new adventure for the time being. The great thing is, I don't NEED the job really, and it's going to be more of a joy to go in rather than "I have to go in." I always thought it would be fun to work at Williams Sonoma part time, but there is this one tyrannical woman who works in our WS that would make life very difficult, so I took a hard pass on that possibility. My second choice was Anthro. It was second choice because our store was small, and didn't carry all the cool house wears and all the clothing lines. When they decided to take over the huge building that use to be a multi level Barnes and Noble, I started thinking it might be fun to revisit the idea of having a fun part time job.  If you love their stores, this will be heavenly to you! It will have Terrain, BHLDN, and an expanded Anthropologie with furniture and lots of house wears. Just typing this made he get excited !!!

Ok, now for my shop update. I'm waiting for the cape fever to start any day now. I have many likes on the listing and that usually indicates sales, so I'm really going to have to plan my cape construction days very carefully. My customers on Etsy are the best, but sometimes I get the oddest requests that always makes me wonder what people are thinking sometimes. I really feel like people don't understand what it takes to design and execute a garment. Last night I got a convo from someone asking if I could put slits in the arm area of the cape and oh can you make it longer too?! NO!  Would they like to pay me for the time to redesign the entire pattern and then charge them more for the item?Probably not. Then we have the people who decide they want it for Halloween, and contact me two to three days before! Seriously?!  Rant over. The fabric in the above photos are the ones I am working with at the moment. I'm almost finished with a cute black dotted swiss top, so stay tuned for that!

I better get going folks, lots of planning before I start my new adventure. I'll check in soon!


  1. You coud be describing my life. I am blessed with so much time that I am directionless, even with sharing a house with Megan and Oliver. I wish I could go out an get a job; I'd love to barisita. What a fun adventure working for Anthro. I can see you being a real asset in the bridal department! I can't believe, lady (?) still works at WS! How can that be?
    The light is changing here too. We had one morning in the 60's, and Megan said, "I fell fall coming!" We are all excited about the cooler weather and shorter days. It will make going to bed at 9:30 easier :) The pumpkin spice thing is everywhere, isn't it. We had a local car service place put up on their billboard, "Come in for a pumkin spice oil change!" I wonder how many people went in and actually asked for it?

    1. When Caitlin and Cyrous were here for a whole year, I had to much fun with them goofing off and cooking, that I got nothing done, so I know what you are talking about in regards to having Megan and Oliver there. Yes, that weirdo is still at WS! Such a shame, she really brings the place down and I don't understand why they haven't gotten rid of her. One of the employees told me that she was the worst! That is too funny about the pumpkin spice oil change!!!

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see all the new photos and posts about your job. Best wishes on your new adventure.

  3. Congrats on your new adventure! You are going to love it! Very excited for you and I can't wait to hear more! I started working part-time in January at a furniture/accessory store and I really like it. It gets me out of the house a few hours a week, so that's nice and also nice to be around more people. You can only cook and clean do much. And with my daughter going to school until 2:45 this year, it gives me something to do during the day. And I find that I enjoy my days at home more now.